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Poor review rate - should I follow up?

So I've sent out about 10 coupons for one particular product, a few were nearly a month ago... and have yet to get one review. A follow up review request has been sent to the buyers (automatic) a couple of days ago, but still no reviews. I am able to see these buyers in my dashboard, fairly easy when I haven't given away that many to find the $1 sales...

Should I send them one more request through Seller Central, or do you think these are reviewers who simply aren't going to leave one.

Also, since I can see them, is there a way to pass these reviewers info on so they can be nuked? It irks me that people sign up for a service like this and seem to solely be in it to get free products - surely it's not hard to leave a review when you say you will, especially when a reminder email has been sent with a direct link!


  • Boooooo. This isn't cool, and not very common.

    1) Yes please, nuke them.

    2) I would definitely send them another message via seller central. They should absolutely be leaving a review.

    3) This probably isn't the case for you, but just thinking out loud that I've heard of several reviewers who chose not to leave a review because they thought the product sucked, and they would rather leave no review over a bad one. Again probably not you, just saying.
  • Thanks @Travis, I'll follow up one more time and give them a few days. Ha, well I'm confident about my product, and it's very clear what it's for (skin care), perhaps a lot of these reviewers just apply to everything without actually thinking about whether it would be a good match for them or not.

    I do think that is a poor excuse from those reviewers, they could still write a constructive review with why they didn't like something, which makes the product look more legit anyway...
  • @Travis_Jamison How do we know who has done reviews and who hasn't? I've probably sent out close to 60 codes in the last couple weeks and so far only about 10 reviews.
    Amazon e-tailer
  • @he3 I didn't do this from the start and wish I did - but now I click on each reviewers profile and take a note of their 'pen' name before sending. I have a list for each product and the date I sent the coupon.

    Travis might have a better way to keep up with this :)
  • @kiwione Ouch. Ok, thanks for the tip but with all this automation I was definitely expecting to not have to do that manually. AMZ has all the data so hopefully they will make it accessible somehow soon.
    Amazon e-tailer
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