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Finding the top keywords

Using the 'rank' column in the SuperURL section will enable you to have an ascending/descending list of keywords by rank. I've gone through all of my competitors listings, listed the top keywords/phrases but for one of my products the highest ranking keyword I have is 102.

This is probably a dumb question (I'm new to all of this), but is there a way to find the top keywords for a particular product?

I've tried the tools out there - google KW planner, merchant words, termexplorer, etc. but I get very different outputs from each.

Any thoughts for a newbie?

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  • OK thanks...very helpful!
  • @Travis_Jamison can you some light in organizing Amazon ppc campaigns?

    I've spoke to some merchants who advise keeping amazon PPC keywords in buckets that are under 1,000,000 total searches (as reported by Merchant Words).

    The theory is that it helps reduce a low conversion score for a campaign by limiting the broad words exposure from the niche words. I've done this with google adwords in the past but not amazon ppc.

    If amazon is using conversion as function of ranking than it would seem to correlate?

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
    Steven Wagner
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