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How to track reviews with reviewer club?

Hi, I have an email thread with Erik so I'm helping he'll provide me some insights on this but wanted to put this out there in case someone has a good suggestion.

How are you tracking coupon codes you gave and who provided reviews? I'm finding it very difficult to see track all the codes I've given out and who left reviews.

Any thoughts?


  • ErikErik admin
    @captainyee one thing you can do is save the profile url's of the people you send codes to and follow up and check them a few weeks after sending them.
  • @Erik What I have done "you know where" is I requested users to copy review permalink in site dashboard. If a review link is not saved, the reviewer does not qualify for the next product deal. Once they do, it is easy to show a merchant reports of who left reviews on a particular product and who did not... those who did not, can be blocked... or reminded to leave a review... and the merchant can tell how effective a promotion was. I highly recommend adding this feature to AMZ Tracker - this is not complicated in terms of development... Poke my brain if you may need more info on this...
  • Yeah having this feature will make this tool invaluable.
  • @constantine I would love to learn more about the "follow up" method you are doing, I'm not sure I understand where they have to paste the review permalink... can you elaborate more about the process so we can do it while @Travis_Jamison finish developing something great for us to follow up?
  • @anmurlon , you misunderstood me... I am referring to follow up which CAN be possible if reviewers get to save permalinks to their review in Amazon Review Club dashboard...
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