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Amazon Reviews - free products vs 1 dollar product?

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I am just starting my promo campaign and I was wondering what is the real difference in terms of boosting my ranking and organic sales, to giveaway my first products to get reviews FOR FREE instead of FOR 1 DOLLAR.
Is there any difference in terms of the Amazon Algorithm? Will I really rank better if I sell them for cents or for 1 dollar instead of for FREE?

Thanks for sharing your experience


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    Hey @coya
    The "Free vs paid Amazon promo" debate has been going on for a while, and no one seems to have a perfect answer. Some say that free promos do not bring about the same ranking increases as paid ones, some say it doesn't matter.

    Personally, I've seen a lot of the free ones appear to get great traction, but you never know what changes they have made.

    My recommendation: Unless you are in a crazy competitive niche and need insane amounts of purchases/reviews then I would just go with a cheap paid one (say for $1).

    Note* The exception to this rule is if you are doing FBM (fulfilled by merchant). FBM products that are free do NOT help Amazon rankings. Amazon changed this to stop scammers from abusing the system and shipping fake boxes.
  • Thanks a lot Travis!!!
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