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Sales Velocity

@Travis_Jamison and @Erik , one other tool that should be not too hard to build is "sales velocity indicator". I looked high and low for this, but basically I would like to see charts on "speed of sales"... it would basically be similar to what you have in AMZ Tracker's "Sales Tracking", but showing speed of sales for a set range... what I mean is you sell item X @ $20 with profit $10... you create a promotion, giveaway, marketing campaign and see how the speed of sales was affected... lower the price to $15 - see how this works... see how it affects your turn over - if velocity increases with a lower price, does it inticate that you will make more or less money over e.g. 12 months? Not sure if I am explaining myself clearly, but essentialy this would a graphic representation of units sold per day for a particular time frame where you could "pin" specific events e.g. giveaway of 100 units of product, posting a youtube video, doing a Facebook campaign... and visually access the results.

Anyone see a tool like this? Thoughts? It would be very handy to clearly see results of a marketing campaign in action... otherwise it is a guessing game... yes, I can get to page 1 for a keyword, but this would show you results in sales.


  • I got a couple of more up my sleeve... mentioned one thing to Erik regarding showing merchants how many reviews they got from a promotion... Did not hear back from him yet... basically ask reviwers to save the review permalink in their back end... show these stats on per ASIN basis to the merchant on our end... gives merchants a chance to see the results (yes, it is easy if you have a new product, but what if you have reviews already?)... and this is a way to tell bad reviewers from good ones... ban them or remind them to review...
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