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Retail Arbitrage: Resources Sourcing Products

What are your top resources for finding and selecting products to sell on amazon?

Recommended courses or tools?


  • There are dozens of gurus and training courses out there, the tried and true training resource for RA is the Proven Amazon Course, which includes modules from several all-star authors.

    There are a handful of tools for RA, Profit Bandit and ScanPower are at the top of the heap. A smartphone and a bluetooth Scanner are essential for mobile sourcing. The Amazon Seller App does the same thing as PB and SP for free, but there is no bluetooth connection (you can use BT HID keyboard for i{hone) and there are no plans to add it.

    Since you're here, though, have you considered how AMZ tracker works into your plan? How does it work into RA for you?
  • I'm mostly interested in strategies for picking products. The tools are great, but how does one interpret the numbers? PAC was kind of light on that aspect.

    How would one use ScanPower and AMZ tracker to pick winning products?
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