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Problems with Coupons

edited September 2015 in General
Hi guys,

I am a brand new seller and I am having some problems generating the coupons. PLEASE HELP!!! :smile:

I have the ONE TIME PROMO CODES for the Amazon Review Club, but the problem is that they can buy multiple units of the same product (AND ALL MY INVENTORY) FOR FREE with that unique promo code.

Here is what I did:
1. checked the box "claim code"
2. checked the box " One redemption per customer"
3. checked "Exclusive" in the part "Claim Code Combinability"
4. unchecked the box "Detail page display text"

And then I generate the unique codes but I am having the problem described at the beginning. What am I doing wrong? I am sure that is very very silly but I need your help guy

Thanks a lot!


  • Hey @coya simple fix.

    1) Watch the Amazon single use promo code video

    1. checked the box "claim code"
    2. checked the box " One redemption per customer"
    3. checked "Exclusive" in the part "Claim Code Combinability"
    4. unchecked the box "Detail page display text"
    This is all good, but do not select "Exclusive" for claim code combinability, instead select "unrestricted"
    unrestricted single use promo codes

    The reason is that many reviewers will try and purchase multiple items at once, and if they try and use multiple promo codes then it will not work. "Unrestricted" can't hurt you, it just lets them use multiple promo codes in an order, and since you're already giving it away for basically nothing there is nothing to worry about (unless you are possibly trying to give your product away for a lot of money, which defeats the Amazon Review Club's purpose)

    After you do all this, then you MUST CREATE SINGLE USE PROMO CODES! I yelled there for a reason :smile: If you give away your master code you could be asking for serious trouble with getting your inventory wiped out.

    Last but not least... make sure you wait 4 hours after creating a promo before you send the codes. It always takes 4 hours for an Amazon promo code to become active (and to be cancelled if you ever decide to do so)
  • Thank you so much for your help Travis!! I love this community :smile:
  • According to this page (, I think that the best option is to click EXCLUSIVE instead of UNRESTRICTED. Keeping EXCLUSIVE won't let the customers "combine with any other claim codes".

    Watching the video that you created, I realize that I was putting at the beginning "Buyer purchases: For every quantity of items purchased" instead of "At least this quantity of items".

    Is this the reason why they were able to buy hundreds of items and get the discount for all of them?

  • Hi @coya I definitely recommend NOT using exclusive. For the Review Clubs purpose, you want them to be able to combine Amazon promos. Trust me here, use "unrestricted" unless you want a lot of the reviewers not being able to use your code.

    If one single person was able to "buy hundreds" then you didn't select "One redemption per customer"
    Amazon promo one redemption per customer

    You should definitely select this.

    But... I'm going to bet that if this happened to you then you did one of two mistakes:
    1. You didn't create single-use promo codes instead of the one "master" code.
    2. Or, you didn't hide the coupon code from you actual listings page. Amazon Detail page display text
    It's always one of these two problems.
  • thanks a lot!!
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