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SuperURL Users: How many clicks for a ranking change

I'm curious to hear from others:

If you're using a SuperURL and driving the traffic to a specific keyword(s) in AMZ Tracker, how many clicks for that keyword are you seeing before you get a change in ranking for that keyword and is that change going up or down?

For example, if your redirect URL is linked to the keyword "vegetable slicer", and has a ranking of X when you start, how many clicks are you seeing before the ranking changes? 10? 20? 50? 100?

And again, is the change going up or down for you?

I've got 10 clicks on a very low traffic keyword so far (as a test) and ranking is actually going down at the moment.

Interested to hear what others have tested.

If you have opinions about this, feel free to share them as such but what I'm really looking for is some statistical data to see what others have experienced.
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  • Hey there @he3
    Good question here. I think you might be thinking about it just a bit wrong though.

    1) The Super URL is not meant to be something that you just "have people click". It's meant to send traffic through it that will purchase the product. You want to have a good conversion rate here, so try not to have low quality traffic clicking the link.

    2) As for the results of just clicking it, don't worry about a few small clicks. Even a few hundred clicks isn't going to make a difference. I've tested the shit out of this on TONS of different listings. Even sending fake bot traffic through the Super URLs to see the results. Nothing to be worried about here with just a few hundred random clicks, the ranking changes you are seeing are just coincidence.
  • Hi Traivs, I've been told that the super URL is no longer working or at the least lost its effectiveness. I'm told there's a new type of URL to help rank products. What are your thoughts on that?
  • @Travis_Jamison I should have worded my OP differently. My question is really how many purchases does it take to see a change in a particular keyword's ranking when that purchase was arrived at using a SuperURL? 10? 50? 100?

    I'm wondering if anyone has tested that.

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  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited June 2015
    @he3 It's not an exact science, and entirely dependant on the competition.
    If you're competitors are all doing the exact same thing, then it could take ages. If no one in your niche is doing it then it will be very quick, and take only a few sales. Keep in mind purchases from a SuperUrl is just one factor in ranking.. there's a ton of others that are just as important in my opinion.

    The main thing I've come to realise is it's your comp that will determine things more than anything. If one competitor suddenly give away 300 products for a keyword, you'll drop spots while they increase. Now picture that with every competitor in a tough niche trying to do it at the same time...

    To give you some general idea:
    My niche has a medium level of competition. Not weight loss / supplements level - but its a trendy product at the moment in a growing industry, gets a lot of press and there's a lot of new sellers entering all the time.

    My product went live on Amazon 2 months ago and I started with the giveaways about 7 weeks ago. For one product I've probably given away 200+ products through the review club, and 20 from a FB group over that time period. I've gotten ~160 product reviews so far.
    ( I follow up with feedback genius now, and have a VA email any product reviews that are left on my seller feedback by mistake)

    Anyway - I targeted a lot of smaller volume, low competition, but higher converting KWs at the beginning. I don't know exact numbers but this took very little effort. I think it's mainly on page seo for this, plus a few sales with a super URL. This gave me initial traction, high conversion rates and boosted other keywords at the same time.

    I've got 5 main keyword targets though.
    They average ~100k searches a month each, they were moving up slowly since the beginning but have been around positions 40-60 until recently.
    I've just switched the Super Url to target only these KW's about 2 weeks ago.
    So far 2 are on the first page, with the rest on second page in spots 17-25. I'm guessing these will be on the first page in the next 2 weeks.

    So it will take me 2 months total to get my 5 main KW's, with search volumes of ~50k-150k all onto page one. This cost me ~300 products total in giveaways using the superurl. I've spread these out over time though, never done more than 20-30 at once.

    One other thing - I track 100+ KWs in my niche. There's likely 1000s more that could bring sales. so getting the big volume KW's onto page one isn't going to be the make or break for me..

    Hope that helps..

    PS: The search volume numbers I'm getting from a combo of amd Google keyword tool.
  • he3he3
    edited June 2015
    @sammy Great data. Thanks for spelling that out.
    Re competition, I ran a test yesterday that controlled for competition (left it out of the picture) but picking a pretty obviously low traffic keyword. I'll post something on this when I have a moment to spell it all out but it's good news.
    Meanwhile: what search volume for your lower volume keywords were you targeting? Like how low was too low for you and how high was too high, when your goal is getting a number of keywords to rise? E.g., if high vol kw is "100k monthly searches", what would you target for the "low volume"? 10,000-90,000 thousand? 1,000-10,000 range?
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  • SammySammy ✭✭
    @he3 for the lower volume ones I'm talking 1000-5000 searches/month range according to Merchantwords, some were more. But they were very specific.

    Also for super easy low level comp keywords, you can often rank it overnight by just adding it to your title, and adding it in the keywords section when you edit the product details.
    Cheaper than giveaways
  • really??? oh SHOOT!
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited June 2015
    @coya in my experience yes - I went from >300 to page 1 for a competitors brand that gets 10k searches a month simply by adding it into my keywords sections box in the Edit product description - didn't even mention the keywords on my listing at all..
  • @sammy Do you mean that just add the competitor's brand name into the keywords sections ? Will Amazon allow that? Months ago i just mention some brand name in my product description,then amazon told me that my listing would get closed if not to delete that brand name.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    @don I'm talking about the search terms box when you edit a product description, it's not appearing on your actual amazon listing. I don't know if it's allowed, probably not. Alot of the brand names in my niche consist of 'common descriptive word' + 'product name' so it's not really enforceable.

    I've gotten told the opposite to you though about having competitors name's in my listing. I had PPC campaigns running for competitors brands and Amazon switched off the campaigns because I didn't have those words on my product page at all. I got told it's just their algorithm, as it had determined my listing wasn't relevant to those keywords.
    I asked how to fix it and they told me specifically to include those words (competitors brand names) on my page in the bullets and description and then my PPC campaigns will start running within 3-4 days. I added the words and my PPC campaigns were back on in a couple of days

    It might depend how well known the brands are though? There's a big difference between a popular amazon only brand that gets search traffic and a litigious multinational corporation for example.
  • Note, though, that different Amazon reps will often contradict each other. Use your own judgment and, if you are not sure, check again with Amazon to be sure. It's not worth having your listing shut down just because one rep at Amazon wasn't trained properly.
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  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited June 2015
    Yeah Agree @he3 - I get conflicting advice depending on who answers...
    In my case the brands were mostly descriptive words + product type, so it wasn't hard to include the keywords naturally in a sentence without even referring to the brand directly.
  • @sammy,In your opinion,how many units to give away per day would be better? For example,there are 200 units planned for the promotion,give them away in a limited time(such as one or two days) or 30-40 units per day ? Which way will get better result?
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited June 2015
    @Don I've got no idea - I've come from an eCommerce background where I did all my own google seo, I'm currently teaching myself how Amazon works, so take all this with a grain of salt.
    What result are you looking for? I used the review club for
    1. Reviews to increase my products conversion rate
    2. Assist with Ranking my products to get more traffic (and more buyers with the increased conversion rate)
    3. Get real sales from actual customers going as fast as possible

    Everything in my experience shows me that you want to keep any tactics as natural looking as possible - ie the same as if you naturally had a popular product growing in sales, and ranking higher over time.
    In my opinion going from 0 sales to 200 units in a day then back to a small amount, not only looks unnatural , it serves no purpose either. One you get the initial spike in rankings and BSR, then what? You'll get a few extra sales for a couple of days, then 100% just going to drop back down in rankings.
    My opinion is to spread out it over time and don't look at is as a promotion at all, it's a long term thing to assist with your overall strategy. It's a supplement if you've already got a good product (the main thing) and great listing that people like already.

    I've got competitors giving away products that have 1000's of reviews already and are already on the top to stay competitive. It's not a one time thing - but IMO they are selling shit quality products and have to keep doing this forever.

    I started with about 30-40 to get some reviews, these were for the reviews though, which increase the conversion rate of my product listing, the ranking was just a bonus. Currently I give a few away each day to good reviewers to keep increasing review count and targeting all the keywords I'm trying to rank for.
    I don't know if this is the best strategy.... at some stage I may do a larger giveaway to try get my products onto the first page for the final terms I'm not ranking for yet. But I'm happy with the results so far and getting natural sales and real reviews naturally - which is the actual goal for me.
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