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Listing titles restrictions. How to go around them?

Hey all.

Amazon seems to be getting on cleaning up SEO-rich titles. I just adjusted a listing for a an active product and it was blocked immidiately from front end. FBA inventory started showing "no listing exists".

Here we are discussing researching keywords and making sure they are added to the title, but Amazon polices titles to only include certain points. Any suggestions?

Here is what Amazon told me today:

Amazon:1- I would like to let you know that this title is not meeting the style guide for the 'Home and Kitchen category'.
2-In order to make this listing active, I request you to update the title of the product and kindly remove the 'BPA FREE' text from the title and follow the below format:
(Brand) + (Pattern Name/Material) + (Product Type) + (Model Number (if applicable)), + (Size/Style) + (Set Quantity) + (Color)
3-Once you make these changes and update, your ASIN will be active in your inventory in 24-48 hours after updation.
4- Also, you may refer to the below given link for more information:


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