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Reviwer Club: How to track, follow up, ban reviewers who do not leave reviews?

Hi @Erik and @Travis_Jamison.

I wrote about this in another post, but here it is again. You need (we all need) a tool to get maximum results out of reviews.
I run a promo and give away 20 units. Two weeks later I have 7 reviews. Obviously 13 reviewers are not playing ball. Now when I run another promo or another seller runs a promo - we definitely do not want those 13 reviewers to get our products. So a) we need to see who left reviews and who did not; b) we need to see stats for the results c) we need to be able to remind/message or ban the reviwers who did not follow through after a certain time. Looking at each product and see who wrote a review and who did not is painful task and there are ways to automate it.

The sooner something like this is implemented, the better. You will end up with a shorter list of reviewers, but those who stay will be tried, tested and true. Merchants - your customers - will be more confident about their results (no product wasted); The tool you created (yes, it works great - thank you) will be much better.

The implimentation is relatively simple (compared to what you have done so far). Just have each reviewer save a permalink to the review they left and show these saved permalinks to merchants... What does not get measured, does not get done.

I know that you as sellers and other sellers could really use a way to measure results of their campaigns.

What do you think?



  • I've ran over 50 campaigns with each giving out over 50 units so I gave out a ton of products to say the least. It would be invaluable to be able to have a report to show all the reviews I got from these campaigns.
  • kiwionekiwione
    edited June 2015
    Agreed - I've definitely seen a less than optimal result from coupon giveaways, very frustrating when these 'reviewers' don't follow through. I started taking note of their pen names and comparing this to reviews, but as you say @constantine, this is painstaking!

    Even doing this doesn't guarantee reviews - as some I have sent more than one follow up reminder, still no review! Possibly because there is no consequence for them. I know Snagshout reviews are expensive at $5 per coupon, however they do have the system that reviewers cannot 'snag' another deal without leaving a review first.

    These buyers need to be held accountable, it's not sustainable giving away products like this in the 'hope' they will follow through on their end after receiving a free product. I'm better off giving those products away to my loyal customers as promotions...

    That was a bit of a rant :) But I do agree, we need a way to track the results and ban the ones who aren't playing ball.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    Yeah its a good idea - I have been lazy on the tracking side, but I've been getting results in terms of rankings increase so haven't been too worried so far

    I've had 1 or 2 bad experiences, a couple of 99c cent refunds lol.....
    Reviewers emailing asking for a free coupon instead of the $1 one incase they don't like the product..
    But overall it's simple and it works.

    Also I've recently implemented feedback genius (should have done it ages ago)
    Would be good to know the times of the Amztracker follow up emails so I can co-ordinate mine better in terms of the dates emails are sent to maximise the reviews..
  • I completely agree with all of you guys. This program is Amazing!!! The review club is awesome but we just need the last effort to complete the circle. I know that there is no point on kicking everyone out because we won't have anyone that would get our products, but at the same time we need to show them that there are rules. I think that we as sellers should have the option to see which codes were sent to who and a way of knowing when we receive the feedback from them.
    You guys are just ONE STEP of having THE BEST PROGRAM EVER!!!! please one last effort :)

  • I`ve even had one reviewer list the product i sent him under my own listing and when i checked his storefront apparently he was doing the same thing to everyone else who`s products he received.
  • Hey Guys,
    Our original tracking methods were working at first, but our community has grown too large. We are right in the middle of implementing all kinds of killer updates to up the review rates significantly :)

    You'll love them once they're live :)
  • @Travis_Jamison looking forward to hear about it... any guesstimate about when these implementations will be live?
  • @Travis_Jamison : great to hear... Please don't mistake my suggestions to being ungrateful. I am very happy I have found AMZ and using your service daily. Love it.
  • I'm very interested. When will these implementations go live?
  • Bumping this. It would be helpful to have a list of who I've sent codes to. I see the same person again and wonder if I'm losing my mind and didn't send them a code after all!
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