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Feature request: ability to set time limits on codes

I'm seeing a very lax use of codes by buyers and it is quickly becoming a waste of codes for me.

I've given out about 80 codes and I think I've only seen about 20-30 of them get used. What's more, the buyer's use of these codes (when they are used), once given to them, has been completely out of my control. So I've only seen about 1.5 codes used per day on the average which would do almost nothing to raise BSR.

The reason this is a waste is because I give out the codes to explicitly to drive up my stats and thus get into a higher BSR range. I'm sure I'm not alone in this goal. In other words,

I may as well not give out the codes if the impression the buyer has is s/he can take her/his time buying at any point over the next 10 days, or whatever they are being told.

People (in this case buyers) need to be told what they are expected to do, otherwise they will just let their regular habits take control.

If a seller needs a code used (and thus a sale transacted) within a certain time frame in order to accomplish his/her sales and BSR ranking plans, that should be communicated in very simple and obvious terms to the buyer.

It would be very powerful if sellers could put a time limit on the codes buyers are receiving and, most importantly, communicate that very clearly to the buyer.

For example, in the email they would receive it might say, in bold or some very clear formatting: You must use your code by [date] or it may expire!

They might even get a reminder on that day.

The date that is set would be set as the seller is releasing the code to the buyer. This could ideally be done in batches (set the date for, say, x # of codes at once).

So, a seller could plan (to some degree) when codes would would be used or at least they would be less likely to used outside a certain time window, which would be a start.

(If you really wanted to control this, AMZ could have an intermediary step for the buyer when a code has been issued by seller. It would tell the buyer they had been approved for a code. They need to use it on X date. Do they agree? "Click here to add this to your calendar so you don't forget..." etc. Once they agree they get the code. This would also give buyers a chance to pull the code if the buyer is not even paying attention. I definitely don't want codes lingering out there unless I can have some prediction on when they are going to be utilized.)

There are probably other ways this can be driven home to the buyer so the seller's needs are being met in this area.

This wouldn't be a silver bullet. Some people would not follow along no matter what. But if people aren't told to use them by a certain time, they certainly won't change their ways.

This is a valid request, I believe, because this review club is only as valuable as sellers are getting the value (BSR increase) they need on the one hand, and the buyer is getting a valuable product at a discount on the other hand. If either of these conditions are not met, this tool will be less valuable to that degree.

Therefore anything which can be done to approach these two ideals is something which should be seriously considered, in my opinion.

To put all this another way, Amazon's algorithm is a bit of a moving target right now in this regard and it's becoming important not just that sales are increased, but in what way they are being increased.

For example, a spike from 10 to 100 sales in one day due to giveaways could actually hurt rankings. Or, giving away 100 products over 100 days could be even completely ineffective. On the other hand, an increase of 10 days per day for 4 days every couple weeks can raise BSR much more effectively.

This is according to testing being done by several different groups and individual Amazon sellers to whom I'm connected.

Hence the above idea.

Amazon e-tailer


  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited June 2015
    Hey @he3 I agree..

    But you can set the expiry dates of coupons in Amazon promotions when making the claim codes and then specify the date in your your review club listing already.

    The email the reviewers receive specifies the promotion date (not that they read it all the time).

    What I'd do...
    Try making a coupon that expires in 1-2 days, and put it in your review club listing that the offer expires Today.
    I'm sure a lot more will use it with this time constraint. It also makes your product appear higher in the review site as it's default sorted by expiry date. So you'll get a lot more views on it.

    You could just do this every day, reset the date on your review Club listing and make a new batch of Claim codes.

    I do see your point though. I imagine alot of reviewers just apply for a lot of items at once then wait to get approved before getting around to buying.

    One feature I want is ability to give specific instructions in the AMZ emails - ie not using Super Urls, but getting them to search manually by keywords...
  • @sammy That's kind of what I'm doing now, but my main point I guess is one of perception. (the site for buyers) does a great job of putting the "you must do a review" expectation front and center.
    What I'm suggesting is making the Time expectation much more visible ("you must do a review by [date]"and even increasing the frequency (email/text reminder for example.
    I think that would greatly increase compliance and within a time frame that would be meaningful.
    In fact, I made test of this over the last 48 hours, actually, and this morning saw some results that would seem to agree with this hypothesis.
    I'll post a new topic on this when I get a moment.
    Amazon e-tailer
  • Yo Dudes, I like it. We've got a list of improvements that we're about to implement. This should definitely be added.
  • Lots of changes are coming to the Review Club soon. In the meantime you can add messages to the reviewer in the "Note to Reviewer" section which will then appear in the email (in bold) to the reviewer when you select them.
  • FYI we now let the review club users know that they must use the promo within 48 hours of receiving.
  • Where is this 'note to reviewer' option? As a reviewer I've seen edited letters from sellers that come along with the code but I can't figure out how to edit that basic email. An_Ly you mention 'note to reviewer' do you use/find it?
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