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What would cause a huge sudden drop in keyword ranking?

My keywords dropped about 800 spots collectively, with no change to the listing. Thanks for the help!


  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited June 2015
    @imosher - I get this about once a week Don't worry they bounce back. Not sure what causes it..

    Anecdotally.... I noticed its happened when a direct competitor does a huge giveaway - like 500+ units for the same keywords I'm targeting, their bsr drops 5000 spots..There rankings go up for a day, and mine tank. 20-100 spots per product

    But mine always bounce back within 12-24 hours, often higher.

    I see it happen to most competitors I track too... so it's a common thing.
  • Thanks for the reply! You were right, after all was said and done my keywords dropped 1400 spots collectivly. This morning they were back, weird but a relief.
  • Thanks for this question and thank you for the answer. Mine went down today from 36 to 258 I was freaking out until I saw this thread. I'll check it in a couple days again. Thanks again
  • Yeah, if you hadn't been using AMZ Tracker to track your rankings, then you probably wouldn't have even noticed. The random rank drops don't last long, so most users would never even have a clue.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    I don't think they last very long at all - I've had days where I see a 5000 spot drop for all the keywords I track - I panic for a few minutes, then at the end of the day my sales were as good or better than any other day.
  • This just happened to me over the July 4th weekend, but they haven't bounced back so I'm worried it's something different. :(

    Did this last for more than a couple days for anyone else?
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited July 2015
    @Jennie I don't think it has ever lasted more than a day, but I've seen them not bounce back until Amztracker updates again, so sometimes it appears longer than it is.

    How many keywords dropped?
    how many spots did they drop?
    Have your competitors keywords gone up at the same time?

    Have you done a large giveaway/promo recently ?
    Have your sales dried up for any other reason? ie out of stock..
    Is it just an AMZtracker drop or have you checked by searching Amazon as well?

    Finally... Have your sales been effected? July 4th weekend was a bit quiet for me anyway.. but are your sales currently lower than what they were previously?

    It could be alot of reasons so these might help you get a better answer..
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