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why amztracker remind reviewer left review said get a discount to review the prodcut

recently I used amzon review club ,offer a big discount , some buyer bought my items, and left reviews, all in 5 star review, that is good.

but till now, 90% buyer ,in the end of his review, will add one word "I purchased this product at a reduced price in return for an honest and unbiased review. "

yesterday one buyer left an email to me that with amz tracker's original email shows the promo code , in the end of the email, amztracker remind buyer "Please disclose in your review that you received this product in exchange for a review."

why amztracker ask buyer do this? because it is not very good to our seller, if buyer come to our listing, saw every review said "get a big discount exchange for review", they will think it is a fake review. not an honest review. means seller paid to buyer left good review.


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