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Scoping out competition question

What do you all think of an item, where the top 5 selling has over 500 reviews, with 2 over 1000+. Also, where 80% of the first page is basically filled with these top 5 items, just with different sizes and colors? Should I be moving on to another category?



  • SammySammy ✭✭
    Maybe - Keep in mind to compete you'll need a fair bit of money to get the reviews and compete / rank - but there is a big demand I'm guessing.

    Bad thing is they are likely doing the exact same tactics you will - reviews, giveaways.
    If you're actually innovating and making a new product... and doing something different then that's a different story though

    But If it's got an Alibaba supplier with the exact same photo's and every Amazon seller is just adding a brand name onto it.. I'd move on

    Look at these examples for Crossfit Jump Ropes, these fit the review counts you mentioned.

    This is just off the top of my head... but If it's anything like that I'd stay away....

  • Yeah, that is what I'm primarily concerned with. Needing to have a large enough capital to do enough giveaways and get reviews. The top 5 selling are all under 2,000 BSR, it could be profitable if I can get manage to get the first run of giveaways going. Question is how many I guess.

    About the example you gave, wow talk about saturation!
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