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This post is to provide AMZ Tracker Community members insight into other products and services and to get your feedback.
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Product Overview:

Feedbackz is an Amazon seller tool that is supposed to automate the process of soliciting customer feedback and product reviews. The Feedbackz website advertises unlimited custom email campaigns giving sellers the ability to follow up with every buyer. If sellers want to provide added value to their customers, the file-attachment feature lets them add PDFs or ebooks to the emails. Targeted campaigns means sellers can send curated emails based on ASINs. The tool claims that all email templates are device responsive, and guarantee that all campaigns fall within the Amazon's Terms and Conditions.

Currently only available to US sellers, but notes on the website that it will soon support Amazon UK sellers as well. The 25 day free trial, suggests that sellers should see an increase in their feedback rate within a month.


James Amazio is creator and founder at Feedbackz and an avid Amazon seller. He writes about his tips for Amazon success--and how he selles $50K per month-- at the Feedbackz blog:

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FeedbackZ Pricing


Tell us your experience.

Do you have any experience using Feedbackz that you can share with the AMZ community? Has anyone compared Feedbackz vs. FeedbackFive?


  • Tried it and cancelled my trial just after one day. Created too many duplicate emails. Probably because it was still in its early phase. But after that experience, I'd stay away from it because it just looked too 'new' and unready for use. I'm sticking with FeedbackFive for now. Still the best in my opinion.
  • I use feedbackgenius... very happy... with many sales x 3 emails (thank you, tracking, delivery + asking for feedback and review) it gets pricey, but is worth it.
  • Hey guys,
    Founder of Feedbackz here. Gonna follow and address/answer any questions here!

    On another note; I am a paid user of Amztracker and loving this software. The team has put together a very impressive app that I know has to be much work to keep running resource wise. Kudos!
  • @alvin2327 hey Alvin, sorry about your experiences! Yes, we did have a couple dupe issues in the past as we were first starting out. I can guarantee things are much much much more stable and smooth now with no hiccups!
  • @constantine Cool cool, got'cha.. if you ever change your mind, do let me know! I plan on getting a Live Demo up here soon where users don't need to sign up an account to view Feedbackz.. I have lots of features coming up thats going to kill the game!! Make it light years better than anything out...
  • Hi James, how are you? I am using Feedback Genius and I am very happy with them... can you please tell us what is the difference with what you offer and why we should change to Feedbackz?
  • hey @coya - that's the #1 asked question! I am writing a blog post and a video that should help explain cause there's so much! I'll post again here once it's up..
  • Hey @James_Amazio glad to have you here!

    I would love to have you give us a big-ass breakdown of everything that Feedbackz offers. Perhaps a video walkthrough or similar? I know there are plenty of sellers who aren't quite familiar with automated feedback services (even though they should be). So feel free to show us what you have. Self promotion isn't a problem here since it's something we all need!

    Also touching on some of the other comments in the thread:

    1) The "duplicate emails".
    Yeah that was an early bug, which is very typical in the software space. I mean... jebus... you should have seen the beta version of AMZ Tracker :smile:

    2) Feedbackz vs the others.
    Here's the thing IMO, they are all somewhat similar. What I really like about Feedbackz is that James is a big seller himself! He's "in the trenches" This in the long run will make a huge impact. He knows exactly what is actually needed.

    To put it in perspective, this is why AMZ Tracker is so badass. It's because we designed it to do exactly what I needed to make my own products sell more with less hassle, instead of just trying to make a product to sell to the masses. Too many other big software projects are run by people without "skin in the game".

    Lastly, check out the design of this baby! Looks to be light years more user friendly then some of the others!

    feedbackz email template

  • Thank you @Travis_Jamison !!!
  • My pleasure James. Looking forward to you showing us your Feedbackz demo.
  • New to AMZTracker here, but wanted to say I've been on Feedbackz for over 2 months.

    Yes, there were dupe issues, but those were quickly handled. And James was doubly-quick to notify all of his users by addressing what went wrong and how he'd fixed it.

    Not to mention, I've never had a single complaint about dupe emails or excessive emails (I currently send 3 per order). In other words, nothing was so out of control that the customers and/or Amazon complained.

    The interface is super intuitive and gives you a lot of power in crafting your templates. Plus, the resulting emails look fantastic!

    Again, I just wanted to chime in to elaborate a bit more about my opinion of the product. I'm a happy customer...not going anywhere.
  • For the record, from a buyers standpoint... please do not send me three emails for every order. Amazon sends me an email when I order another when it ships and then shortly after delivery I get a third asking me to rate you as a seller. If the seller ads 3 more emails to the bunch... ESPECIALLY when it's one that tells me how much they respect my opinion and value my feedback and then asks me to leave a review on something that I reviewed three days ago, I lose a lot of love for them. I'm not going to email you and tell you that you are getting on my nerves, but I'm not going to seek you out to buy from again. I can think of one seller offhand that I will not buy from again because of the way they abuse my email box.

    Since we have the attention of two developers here... maybe you guys can come up with a way to let sellers know when buyers HAVE left reviews so that we don't get emails explaining how much the seller would value and appreciate us doing something that already been done. It annoys the buyer and makes the seller look disingenuous.
  • Been a bit under the grind, but back from the dead now!

    @digitick - thank you so much!

    @Fenix - very true; I myself hate bombardment too, ironically. It's also about how that particular seller uses the software too, we suggest not to send point-less emails like confirmation/shipping duplicates, but there are those that choose not to.
  • edited March 2016
    Just a quick update on Feedbackz..

    A lot has changed since this thread was started (about 9 months ago), I guess I'll start with the most recent:
    • Can send to older orders in "include old orders" up to 200 days ago
    • Custom Subject lines with buyer full or first name
    • Buyer's first name in Templates
    Previously to that, some notable updates:
    • Brand new User Interface design with new homepage
    • ZEUS, our mascot T-Rex!
    • Faster, more powerful dedicated servers
    • Easier Hunt/Template create wizards
    • BCC copy of Hunts going out each day, also test preview email
    • Europe consolidation for all 5 countries under one account
    • More Hunt filters: FBM/FBA orders, Time of Day by Hour, Days to Send, Order Statuses improved
  • edited March 2016
    Also; more importantly... Feedbackz has found our identity.. our brand.

    We focus on higher converting feedback requests.

    We are made for the more marketing-savvy sellers.. ones who like to tweak and test for optimization. Usually done some internet marketing before and/or ran a business prior to FBA. Usually have used email software before like Mailchimp, ConstantContact, Aweber, etc.

    There are many great feedback software out there.. and we at times will recommend others when we feel like we are not a good fit.. although our software is beginner friendly; we find our users reached a certain level of business mindset, concepts, and ideals and not necessarily trying to learn business through FBA at the same time.

    We focus on users who believe in beautiful designs, good impressions, optimizations, and great copy writing. And are hustlers at ranking products, getting high conversion on sales, getting more CTRs to their listings, etc.
  • @James_Amazio Hi James, we are interested in Feedbackz. Are there any promotion for amztracker user? :p
  • Hey @Joey none at the current moment as we don't have any promotion stuff setup in our backend.. but will definitely investigate after these next set of features launch..
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