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Super URL Created but no keywords pulled

edited June 2015 in AMZ Tracker Tools
Newbie here.

Created a product with 4 keywords to try out.
Then created a super URL. Clicked on the super URL but does not show the keywords.

2 Questions:
1) Why don't I see the keywords used to load the listing? (FYI, I do have variation; does that matter?)
2) In the video it's mentioned that put this on blogs, facebook, etc. But the super URL is ONLY useful is someone purchase the product? Otherwise, it doesn't really have any impact (if anything, it would be negative?)


  • Hey there @Richie_Obie ,
    Simple fix for your problem with the Super URL. You just didn't "select" any keywords.

    Example in this Gif:
    Amazon Super URL

    Do that, and the keywords that you selected will show.

    As for your other question, it's debatable whether or not raw Super URL clicks (without purchase) will help. I would personally lean towards no, unless a product is brand spanking new.

    But the goal for using the Super URL is always to drive traffic to the listing that will convert. So putting it on Facebook, YouTube, etc is great as long as the audience is targeted. My personal favorite place is using our Super URL link for Google/Bing PPC :). It's a perfect combo.


  • hmm. It seems that I gave a chunk of my promo code without using the super URL properly. I actually know how to do my URL without AMZ and it works nicely but I did not know that I need to select the keyword!!
    A clear tutorial should be nice!
  • ErikErik admin
    @uppercity We have a full superurl guide here

    Yes be sure to select at least 1 kw, without that the superurl doesn't do anything really so we will send the reviewer a normal amazon link.

  • Has the interface changed since this posting? I don't seem to have any of the options shown in these videos, like the interface where the keywords are or the ability to add weight to certain keywords. I want to make sure when I do my promotion that my keywords are in fact selected and part of my Super URL and if I can weight them that would be nice as well. I "think" I've created a Super URL and I "think" I have keywords attached to it, but since my interface is different then the ones used in the videos i can't be sure I did it correctly and i know I never found a way to weight my keywords.
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