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How does AMZ Sales Tracking tool recognize newly added inventory?

Hi @Erik and @Travis_Jamison.

I track some competition, but also my own sales in Sales tracker - just to look at promo campaign results. I often see spikes of irregular sales... e.g. item sells 3-5 a day and then suddnly 30-40... I wonder if it is e.g. Amazon shipping items sold over several days e.g. weekend and thus recognizing the sale on one day... or is it somehow a glitch caused by arrival of new inventory?

How is sales tracking affected by arrival of new inventory? Let's say I have 100 units and I sell 10 units on the same day that another 100 arrives? What would the graph show? Just curious how this is displayed, as this affects accuracy of results...

I understand that this is calculated by adding up to 999 units to cart and thus seeing how many are left and then going from that amount down each day to see how many were sold... but what happens when more units arrive?




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