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Can we have a detailed report with Customer Info/Promo Code/Review Left (Y/N, and score)/Rank/etc.?

Hi there,

I'm wondering if you guys can create a customer report (specifically, those we give the promo codes to). This information would be very helpful to me, and my employer. I am currently doing much of it manually, and it can be slightly time-consuming. What I need:

• Customer info (hyperlink to their profile)
• Promo Code given to them.
• Whether or not they left a review, and the score.
• Ranking before and after review (maybe an hour after, or at different time intervals)
• Execution time of the promo code will be needed, but I'm pretty sure that will be on our end.

There are probably more things which I haven't thought of, which would help - I will be sure to post them.



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