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Amazon PPC keywords

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This is going to be a really dumb newbie question but here goes: Do the keywords you choose in the manual sponsored products campaign have to all appear somewhere in your listing? Thanks for any and all help!


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    Hey @KStewie Your keywords do not need to appear in your listing, but they should. It will increase the chance of them showing up and would probably lower CPC if Amazon pays attention to that type of thing.

    Do be honest though, I'm just not certain how much it matter to Amazon.
    Edit: I've seen this mattering more and more anecdotally.
  • I also assume that it doesn't matter. I don't think the system on Amazon is that complex.

    I go for as many relevant keywords as I can think of - only a few of them also come up the exact same way in the listing. I enter a really high maximum CPC, because in most of the cases it will be way cheaper anyways.
    Especially long tail keywords can have a high ROI (For some long-tail keywords I only spend $1 per $100 in sales)

    Having a high maximum CPC brings you one step ahead of your competitors and makes sure your ads get shown on a regular basis.

    My method is to always add as many keywords as possible, no matter if they're in the listing or not. If some don't work, you can always remove them later. But sometimes you have the highest ROI on keywords you didn't expect to perform so well.

    Always keep the ROI in mind. If it makes money, do more of the same thing. If you lose money, stop it and change something.
  • I've recently heard that PPC keyword can effect rank by associating the product with the converting keyword. Any evidence of that?
  • LukasLukas
    edited June 2015
    @Electro-dude I can see that having an impact.

    I didn't realize it before, but I just checked my Amazon PPC campaigns.
    For the best converting keywords (For which I have to spend $3-10 per $100 in sales) I rank naturally on positions 1, 2 and 3.
  • @Electro-dude I think PPC helps organic rankings. I have a theory (only a theory) that it helps in a round-about way.

    Users first click on the PPC, then when they come back later after they are done researching to actually purchase they simply search your brand name and purchase that way. When this happens you're getting organic credit.

    Again.. pure theory.
  • that makes sense. But what if they purchase after clicking your PPC ad for "red widget" do you think you'll get a natural boost for that keyword.
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