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Deleting Keywords Quicker?

edited June 2015 in General

We are over our keyword limit, and would like to delete the excessive and ineffective ones. As of right now, the only way to do this is to delete them manually, one by one. Also, when you do this, the entire keyword selection for that product goes away, and you have to open it up again. I'm wondering if there's a quicker way to do this.



  • Just to update, I had about a half a dozen items with most of the keywords, so I found that it was faster to copy the info (description, vouchers, etc.), delete the item, and then to just re-upload it. I think in the future it might help if there is a check-box for the keywords, where you can check all items if you need to, and then delete all of them at one time.
  • ErikErik admin
    So here is a quick guide to deleting keywords.

    You can delete kw individually by checking the box located behind the flag to the left of the kw row.
    Once a box is checked there will be a new section of buttons and drop downs at the top of the screen.
    You can use the drop down to select all, select all non ranking, and more options.
    Once the correct kws are selected you click the red delete button.
  • An_LyAn_Ly admin
    edited June 2015
    Here is an animated gif showing you how to use the checkboxes:
    Amazon Rank Tracker

    Also, once you've checked a keyword there will be a drop down list at the top of the page which you can use to select "All non-ranking" which may help to clear the keywords you are not ready to work on yet.
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