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Does Amazon Penalized for Keyword Stuffing (Repeating)

Our rankings for a certain keyword is reducing. It look like we have repeated the keyword in exact match format a couple times in the title and a coupletimes in the bullets and once in the description. However our ranking is reducing.

I know conversion\sales is a big factor in Amazon but could it also be that we are overdoing this?

Thanks in advance


  • I've never known for this to happen, but if your listing looks bad to a viewer it might have reduced the conversion rates with the lack of trust.

    Or... maybe Amazon does actually hurt you for this, but I seriously doubt it.

    I would say it's most likely just a coincidence. Rankings vary all the time, especially early on.
  • Thanks for your response. My hypothesis is that stuffing these keywords is making us look bad hence causing conversion so there maybe correlation here but I was wondering if Amazon also dings you.

    Anyway thanks. I'd like to hear others responses as well if others have different experiance.
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