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2 Basic Questions

Sorry if my questions sound basic. I was away from Amazon for a few years and did regular SEO now back in Amazon world. I have two questions:

1) Product Description and targeted Keywords: Client believes that keywords in descriptions aren't effective for Amazon SEO but doing some competitive research, I see some competitors use it so I want to use it. Am I correct to do this? Do keywords in product descriptions also help a SEO for Amazon rankings?

I know it could help with search engines but as far as Amazon ranking, does Amazon look at those and should I focus on re-optimizing product details?

2) What about keywords in reviews? I see some competitors are ranking because reviews contains competitive keywords. Client has some limited budget for giveaways should I recommend more? If yes how would you write it up so they get to put those keywords in there (without getting in trouble with Amazon. )

Thanks in advance
(I love this community btw good job all and keep it up)


  • i think they all do (people do argue over reviews SEO)...but why not optimize everything? doesn't cost anything to do onsite SEO.
  • Yeah, I agree with Richie.
    Different groups argue about whether or not the product description, reviews, and bullet points make a difference for Amazon SEO. My (educated) opinion is that they absolutely 100% make a difference, but ya never know.

    The way I look at you might as well optimize all areas, it's just a no-brainer. And as for giveaways, really after optimizing the actual listing the giveaways are the #1 factor that improves rankings. So if they can afford it, have them do it.

  • Thank you so much for your responses. I have a feeling descriptions effect too from what I have seen in my short period of analyzing. Thank you so much agian
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