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How do I get rid of product variation in the ranking?

I am trying to check rankings for my main product (lets call it var1) but I have a variation of i (lets call it var2). I didn't want to check rankings for var2 I want only var 1. But somehow the rankings shows that. How do I take that out? I don't remember including the Var2 to be honest with you how did it pick it up anyway?

Thank you


  • Anyone?

  • ErikErik admin
    So to track variants separately you need to enter them into amztracker separately and without combining the parent and child products.

    Find the specific asin for the variation you would like to track
    Enter it into the popup for add product
    And then UN CHECK the track variants box.

    This will add each product separately to their own row in amztracker.

    hope this helps
  • I got it. I'll give it a try. In fact I think I tried it but for some reason I didn't get any data so I included the parents.

    I'll give it another try. Thank you
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