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SnagShout Warning - Review Problems For Free Products

edited November 2015 in Amazon SEO
Snagshout Review

Hey Everyone,
Our friendly competitor Snagshout (who we just happen to be much cheaper than ;) ) just sent out this message out to their list yesterday.
It has come to our attention that Amazon has not allowed some shoppers to post reviews for products they have received for free. These incidents are isolated but we wanted to make you aware, and that Amazon’s guidelines for reviewers have not changed. Offering products at discounted rates or free is still acceptable in exchange for a review--only if the shopper discloses they received the product for free or at a discount.

You will still be able to list products on Snagshout for any price but you will now receive an alert if you list a product for under $1.00. We are still researching this issue and are working with contacts at Amazon to understand their plans. We know Amazon’s engineering team has been tweaking its bots that look for paid, and fake reviews--which are against Amazon’s terms of service. We believe Amazon’s bots are incorrectly identifying legitimate shoppers as paid reviewers. We recommend you price your products at $1.00 or more to ensure the highest rate of reviews. We appreciate your help in making Snagshout the premier platform to launch and build a brand on
We have not noticed any of this yet at AMZ Tracker, but the good people at Snagshout are smart dudes and I'm fairly confident that they wouldn't send this out to their list without a reason.

So FYI, you may want to make your review pricing at least over $1 going forward. Or maybe not, up to you. This is just a fair warning giving the info out there as we get it. Personally I always make them just a tiny bit over $1 to be safe, but I still see some highly competitive products giving away free products like crazy and getting good results. Worst case scenario is you would still get the keywords/algorithm boost, but maybe not the review (which we all want).



  • thanks for the information!!
  • Thanks for the info!!
  • Hello XXXX,

    To write a Customer Review, you must have used your account to purchase an item from Once your item has shipped, you'll be able to write your first customer review. (Free/promotional-paid-for orders/digital downloads don't count toward this purchase requirement.)

    I've reviewed your (and on account for '[email protected]' and I see you have placed an order. However, as this was a free/promotional-paid-for order, it does not qualify towards the review purchase requirement. To post a review from this account, you'll need to place an order and be successfully charged on your account, via a card payment, for it.

    If you've made purchases in the past, you may have done so using another account. If you've forgotten your password, you can request password assistance here:

    I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Best regards,
    XXXXX (Amazon Rep)
  • So while Amazon policy has not changed, they are clearly handling the issue of reviews exchange for promo deals... and if so... One possibly way around this is lesser discount... or let's say $1.49 price... they must have a number entered into the bot to monitor these....
  • Just had another (AMZ Tracker) user message me saying that the snagshout warning had come true. It was a free promo and the reviewer was not allowed to drop the review.

    I know that the free ones are still working for lots and lots of people, but it's obvious that some of the 100%-Free reviews are definitely having problems right now. All paid ones seem to be fine still. Even those at just $.01 seem to still be working from what our tracking is seeing.

    Either way, I'd put them over $1 if you want a guaranteed review.
  • JokullJokull
    edited November 2015
    I actually have run into this issue as a Snagshout reviewer recently. I found that it was usually because I had the part saying I received the product for free is too hidden. They want it to be fairly obvious like at the bottom or top. Sometimes the bot just does not pick up the words and simply moving the sentence down to another paragraph makes it read the change and approve the review even though nothing really changed except word location. There is no reason to have to charge 1 dollar. The reason I believe snagshout said that is because they earn money form every sale. They are linked to a company that pays people for affiliate referrals to snagshout and you earn more based on how much is spent. They do not earn much from free stuff, but they do earn a lot from thousands of 1 dollar products.
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