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Replace product?


I'm selling a product and I'd like to replace it with basically the same product (slightly different) but from a different manufacturer (with different packaging). Would it be possible to send in this new product and sell it under my existing listing, once inventory has run out? Adjust the listing with new pictures and send in the new product with the same UPC code.

Does anyone know if this is allowed or can it cause any problems?

Hope you can share your thoughts on this.




  • SammySammy ✭✭
    Only problems would be when you change over - you may get a couple of people getting the old inventory as it's held at different warehouses. But this is better than losing all your rankings and starting over .

    I've heard of someone with a similar problem and they sent in the new inventory as their old stock was almost out, ran it right down to 1-2 in stock, then put the price at some ridiculous amount so the listing stays active. Then go back to normal once you have new stock received.

    There may be 1 or 2 people getting the wrong product - perhaps you could message them, or just accept you're gonna get 1-2 complaints. There's a good chance they wont even notice though

    There might be a smarter way, but this seems easy enough..
  • Thank you Sammy, appreciate it. Just wanted some confirmation that I wasn´t overlooking something...

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