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How to deal with Competitors Using Unethical tactics / Leaving Fake negative Reviews

SammySammy ✭✭
edited June 2015 in General
Is there any way to deal with this?
Down voting useful reviews I could handle - but I'm starting to get a bunch of 2-3 star reviews that I think are from a particular competitor.
One in particular was new to amazon, only 2-3 reviews, same day purchased both our products but left terrible feedback for mine, feedback is kind of nonsense.
Also starting to get negative unverified reviews. I've been the top rated product in the category for a month... so I'm 100% sure these are bullshit. Does Amazon ever remove this kind of stuff.. I cant really prove it of course..


  • From my limited experience on Amazon, you just gotta keep pushing those reviews down by getting more positive reviews.
  • I've had the same problem. People playing dirty.
    I don't know anyway around it. If they are un-verified then you can keep pestering support about deleting them as you suspect it's a competitor, but good luck... I don't expect much.

    The only time I've seen them regularly deleted is when it's obvious that a competitor is doing them, which is rare as most people just aren't that dumb.
  • focus on getting more positive reviews... don't waste too much energy in dirty competitors
  • Hi guys, I don't post very much but was hoping one of you could help.

    One of our products has been in the #1 spot for top keywords since Prime Day. It's a top 100 product in the fitness category. Until yesterday it was rated 4.9 stars. A series of questionable reviews hit over the weekend, all verified purchases, but all first time reviewers.

    Using some behind the scenes software, we were able to uncover the names, phone numbers, and mailing addresses of all 3 reviewers. All have been contacted via Amazon message and none of them have responded. All three of them live in Boca Raton, FL.

    I've spent the afternoon trying to uncover as much information as possible on the 3 reviewers, a little cyber stalking. I found no immediate connections outside the timing and geographical location.

    Additionally I've reviewed the recent reviews of my nearest competitors. Who benefits the most from a negative campaign seems to be the most logical way to find the culprit behind all this. The guy sitting in the #2 spot also received atleast one similar negative review yesterday.

    At this point I'm not too worried about only 3 reviews. They have been down voted and we immediately responded. I'm more concerned about another dozen or so popping up in the coming days. Those could be disastrous.


    Should I push to have these removed through Amazon?
    Does anyone know of a company doing fishy things in Boca Raton, FL?
    Do you have any guidance into this situation?

    I appreciate all of your help in advance.
  • @Chase Considering how small and straightforward the attack was, I'd check fiverr reviewers.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited October 2015
    Hey @Chase ,
    I've had my fair share of this - I've responded with retaliation and I quickly realised that it's energy better spent elsewhere.

    Now I just respond politely and treat them like a normal customer, offer money back but make it clear that you can't find their order details and you've rang Amazon about it (lol), and you're genuinely concerned. I think review readers can spot these fake reviews as easy as you can.

    People care more about your response than the actual reviews IMO. Show that you're there if there's ever a problem and you are actively replying to your customers concerns.

    Look at it this way: In the time you've spent trying to connect these idiot you could have
    A. Sourced a new product
    B. Optimized some listings
    C. Updated your copy
    D. Done 100 other things that would have made you $$$...
    E. Even better... Taken the day off and done something productive.

    I've been there and it used to ruin my whole day when it happens, but now I just look at it as part of the territory. If you are at the top you will get attacked... get used to it.
    Have a way to keep fake reviews down voted then forget about it and focus on something that matters.

    Forget these jokers - your sanity will thank you ;)
  • It happens. Sammys strategy is ours too. Answer polite and interested to 3-1 star reviews and with time other customers will mark this review as unhelpful.
  • @sammy Have a way to keep fake reviews down voted

    How can we do this? Had a couple competitors hitting me lately as well.
  • I have to agree with the comment about commenting on the review by offering their money back. Also let them know how to contact you and that you are concerned they are not satisfied. As a reviewer and purchaser of products, when I see a comment from the seller with offers such as that, it basically nullifies the bad review in my eyes. I know that doesn't do much for ranking, but it shows you are the better person and willing to work with them.
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