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My stats on codes given out, clicks and actual codes used

Just did the math on some stats I have been tracking and thought I'd post them here.

This is a little bit of an extension of an earlier thread (re how many clicks does it take to get a bump in ranking) but I felt like posting something new on this so here it is.

Stats I've tracked are since 5/22/15 which is basically when I started doing AMZ promos.

Three stats:

> AMZ Promo codes - how many I've given out
> Clicks on Redirect URL
> Promo purchases - per Amazon Orders report

Clicks are going to be a bit off because it's a bit hard to track and some of them were probably me, or perhaps someone clicking more than once. So it's higher than AMZ Promo Codes given out.

Here's how it breaks down for me so far:

AMZ Promo codes = 124
Clicks on Redirect URL = 140
Actual purchases = 59
Avg purchases per day = 2.5

About half (47%) of the codes I'm giving out are being used to actually buy my product.

However, compliance is lax in that the shopper is getting around to buying whenever s/he wants to. Despite adding some copy to the "note to reviewer" that the code will expire very soon, the reviewer is taking their sweet time to get around and buy.

Somehow what I need is 10-20 reviewers buying in the same 24 hour period.

I've tried piling up 10 review requests and then giving them out all at once, but this is still not good enough apparently since only half buy. That deflates things quite a bit and then is compounded by those 5 maybe not buying right away. So now it's more like 2 or so per day, as noted.

It looks like I might have to wait even longer to pile up even more reviewer requests so that I have something like 30, let's say, and then give them all out at once. That way I get 15, maybe in the same day (or 7.5?...ugh. Still a weak showing).

It sure would be great if there were a way to nail this down better so that reviewers are on our schedule, not theirs.

Maybe it takes a mobile app so that they are getting pinged right to their hip, so to speak and act immediately because they already agreed to do so.

Final note
The threads I'm reading seem to indicate it might take anywhere from 30-40 (give or take 10-20) giveaways to get a rise in BSR that's worth talking about. Ideally it seems that might even happen 2-3 days in a row and then maybe a lighter number after, but not a return to the previously lower ranges.

So maybe something like:

Baseline was, let's say, 10 sales avg per day (doesn't matter, just picking a range for discussion sake)
Day 1 = spike up to 45
Day 2 = 35
Day 3 = 40
Days 4-6 = 15 to 20 per day

Track BSR during and for at least a week after to see effects. Re-evaluate.

I'd love it if the AMZ promos were able to be a big part of that but I'm struggling to figure out how to do that in a way that is a bit more predictable/controllable.

Would welcome any feedback and/or ideas.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. :)
Amazon e-tailer


  • Hey Mate,
    In the BIG group of updates that we're working on for the Amazon Review Club, we are including a "time limit" feature adding a short time limit before the codes are taken away. So we will be pushing for users to use these immediately.

    Should have these updates ready soon that will make the entire system MUCH better. :smile:
  • That's awesome news.
    By any chance are you including any ability to see what codes have been given and which have been taken away? IOW, some more visibility to the codes? I often forget to whom I've given a code and when so have to do some special tracking on my end or I quickly lose track.
    Amazon e-tailer
  • I track my codes by comparing the list of codes in AMZ to the one in amazon and the codes that are missing from AMZ list are the codes that have been used. I have 18 codes taken however, I only see them in the reserved inventory and no order has been put through. I have never bought anything from Amazon with a coupon so I was wondering if a buyer applies the coupon without completing the order, will they be able to keep the saving even after the promotion is over?

    I think some of the reviewers are taking their time in ordering as many of them collect several coupons and them place their order for several promotional items at the same time.
  • I think it depends on the product... I accepted promos from other sellers on my site... and whenever it is a medical weight loss, or other medical suppliment... or something I personally would find useless for me - there were no takes even at FREE or $0.99 price... I have a much better response than quoted here... but because products are useful/giftable... Does that make sense?
  • Another reason that could cause the completion numbers to be low is that occasionally the price changes after the item has been requested.
    @uppercity 99% of codes are exclusive and will not work unless the item is purchased alone and the codes will not work after they expire even if you have applied it to your account.
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