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ErikErik admin
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Hello and welcome to AMZ tracker's community.

My goal is to make this community the place to be for Amazon e-commerce entrepreneurs. I would like to help enable the sharing of knowledge and communication in the forums. I want everyone to get a huge return from the time you spend in the AMZ tacker community.

To help members get to know each other and open up communication if the forum I would like new members to introduce yourself to the community.

Some of the things you can include in your introduction:
  • A bit about you
  • Where you're from
  • What business(es) do you run?
  • A bit about your business
  • Your skills or expertise you can contribute to the community
  • What you would like to get from the community here
  • Top 3 things you'd like to get help with or improve in your business
I look forward to getting to know all the new members


  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is Charles and I've been selling on Amazon for a year now. Have had ok success selling in the beauty category so far. My product is highly competitive and I'm looking to add another one soon. Would be nice to find some other sources for reviews. Really looking forward to growing my business and gaining new relationships through this group.
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    Hey Chuck,
    Good to have you!

    I'm Travis Jamison, and I'm the co-founder of AMZ Tracker.

    I currently custom manufacture my own products specifically for Amazon. About a year ago I was able to exit my first startup in the health niche, and immediately got right back into it on Amazon. Four months into my new venture it was already outselling the original one 3:1 thanks to Amazon ranking optimization.

    I also own a (Google) SEO company called Smash Digital, so as far as search engines are concerned I'm about as geeky as they come :smile:
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    Hello AMZ Community!

    My name is Steve and I just launched a brand on Amazon in the pet niche. I have a few ideas mapped out to get reviews to launch our first product. Definitely open to any suggestions or ideas.

    From Northern California. What I would like to get from the community is just great people that we can learn and bounce ideas around to help each other increase sales.

    3 Things need help:

    1. How to get reviews
    2. Optimize listings
    3. Increasing sales

  • Hi Ya'll,

    I'm Pierre, I'm based in Austin TX. I've been selling on Amazon for just over 3 months now, but I was involve in other online businesses in the financial industry for over 4 years. I'm used to systems with good data to make sound discussions an optimize the metrics over time. Being fairly new it seem that there is only that much tools within SC available and most 3rd party solutions each come with a high price tag. I've started to use the AMZ Tracker almost for a month now and it is great to monitor and track some of the data on the product sales.

    I've seen with the help of the AMZ Tracker how a simple listing and headline change can make a huge difference to your listing, good and especially bad.

    I do have much to learn on how to optimize the listings better to be more sufficient in a competitive niche.

    I hope to build new relationships within the community and grow the business exponential over the next few months. Hope to get a few good tips from the experts. :smile:
  • G'day
    My name is Lawrence A Dawson and I am from Queensland Australia, been involved on Amazon around twelve months. Looking to grow this business threefold. Have three products and enjoy the challenges!
    Looking to find better ways to ensure BSR and sales growth. Keen to find easier, more efficient ways of using AMZ tracker to achieve this.
  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm Jeff from Vancoouver, BC but I am currently working in Cebu, Philippines with a couple other Canadians running a web dev/seo company.

    Just got into Amazon in Dec. but we were targeting which proved to be VERY slow... We started on Feb 18th and got some great sales already... Just waiting for more inventory now

  • amznewbieamznewbie
    edited June 2015
    Hello everyone..

    I am Eric, from Singapore.

    I came to know about this Amazon opportunity through the ASM course. I am a ASM4 member.
    Joined around end Oct last year, got my product on Amazon shelves around middle of Dec, and immediately started off with a bang as I reach 10k sales in a month with my first product. But just around late Jan this year, my account got suspended, with no warning whatsoever. I am devastated. Amazon didn't provide the exact reason and after a few discussion with some experienced people in our private group, we think the reason is because of some words used in the product title and description (which Amazon deemed undesirable). But they didn't even give me a chance to rectify the mistake and just slap me with a suspension. I have since submitted my appeal but till this day, have not heard back from them.

    I am trying to get back into the game with a new identity. I have researched a lot on this area for the past one month, and have found out more information on this topic, and also realised there are a lot of such suspension stories around when I googled. But the other problem I have now is getting a bank account. As I am a non-usa citizen, it is very difficult to open a usa bank account online. I already have accounts with payoneer and worldfirst, and they do not allow me to open multiple accounts under my name. The only option I have now is partnering with people.

    Anyone have any suggestion or solutions for getting bank accounts for non-usa sellers?

    Anyone have any experiences in running multiple Amazon businesses?

    Thanks all..


  • Usually when you get suspended Amazon will list the specific policy violation that was broken so it's weird that they didnt list it.

    What has the seller support team told you?

    Can you close down your account with your bank and open a new one so the account number is different?

    Sorry I don't have more to offer.
  • Yup they did list the specific policy and that's all, no other information provided. We have to figure out what went wrong. The problem is there are tons of sellers selling similar products, and there is no copyright or patent issue with the product, purely something wrong with marketing content only. Just bad luck I reckon.. :(

    Seller support can't do anything. Account related issues are handled by Seller Performance Team, and they don't reply to emails or questions. When your account got suspended, you only have ONE chance (pretty ignorant if you ask me), so DO NOT send any email to them asking for more information, because they will take it as your only chance. I didn't know that time, as seller support ask me to write to the seller performance team asking for more information. And gone is my chance. Although I did submit the official appeal via the seller central platform, I didn't heard back from them since.

    So anyone who faces such issues, no need to call seller support (they can't help you), and please DO NOT write to seller performance team too. Look though your listing and access what is the issue, then draft out a very detail action plan. Googled on this topic and you will find a lot of information on this.
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    Eric , sorry to hear you've run into some obstacles. No legal advice, but you might think of opening an US LLC and sell all your inventory and current business the US LLC. Also I can have a banker at WF that can help you to open a US bank account. Opening an local for an LLC will even be easier.

    Send me a message. I will help you where I can.

    There might be partnering opportunities that we can discuss.

    Kind regards,

  • Hey Eric,
    Sorry to hear this as well. I'm not vouching for either of these services as I haven't used them, but you might want to take a look here:
  • Hi

    My name is Jeff, I work at Verilux 'The Healthy Lighting Company', headquartered in Vermont USA.

    My role is Internet Sales Coordinator which is mostly day to day management of the Verilux Amazon channel. I find Amazon to be quite opaque so I'm hoping that by participating here will add some clarity. I'll try and chip in if there is an issue where I have some insight to share.

  • Hi my name is Ben, I have been selling on Amazon for a little over 7 months. I currently have one product in the Kitchen & Dining category. It's doing so-so, and I am currently looking at adding new products.
    My background is in computer systems analysis (networking, security, health, etc) so I feel very comfortable around technology and learning new technologies. I hope to be able to share tips and tactics I have learned as well as learn some new ones with this community. I found AMZ Tracker about 3 weeks ago and have really enjoyed the information it has provided.
  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Ken and like Eric from Singapore, I'm also from ASM4. I live in Northern California and recently came from an Internet marketing background. Prior to that I've worked in the wireless industry for over 10 years in sales and marketing roles.

    I just had my product shipped to Amazon FBA so I'm waiting for that inventory to be processed. I'm looking to gain some insight into how I can effectively market my product. Love AMZ Tracker and the URL tool. I'm incorporating that into a lot of my marketing right out of the gate so that I can rank for my KWs.

    Would be interested to learn the pros/cons of services like Zon Blast, Amazing Deals Group, etc. in getting reviews. If there are more effective strategies and servies to go about getting reviews, I'm open to learning about them. Also, would like to learn about members' experiences advertising via Amazon ads, FB ads, Google Adwords.

    There's a lot of information out there so I'm trying to sift through it all and find what works for me.

  • Ian Daniel here from the UK. Ecom veteran since 2000 with various e-commerce site networks built, run and sold - last one sold in 2012. My background was car audio installer, so naturally that's what I sold first and for 9 years, in-car entertainment. Sell what you know and enjoy is very good advice, if people want it of course. I also moved into custom home furniture, wallpaper and sports clothing. Everything from 1 page product sites to 20,000 products plus. E-commerce like this is an ANIMAL, and it can bite!

    Selling via Amazon and eBay is more secure and has far less costs and ready-to-buy customers - it's an ideal starting place, and for many a very lucrative business in itself. I wrote an e-commerce book (not Amazon FBA related) in 2011, published it and just left it as I was busy consulting with a few clients exclusively, while also chasing boiler room scammers - that's for another book. When I returned earlier this year to research for more books, rankings and sales had tanked.

    This was my introduction to AMZTracker - to restore some rankings and revenue - prior to launching more books and various sites this year. Post research and a few tweaks here and there, book sales are back up there or thereabouts. AMZTracker helped make this process a lot easier!

    I have to mention one more thing. I don't know Travis, I found him via his SEO site just by chance, and when I first saw the shades on the pic I thought, "another big-shot guru?" which typically means abysmal customer support. But I have to say, I'm very impressed so far...

    Exceptional and responsive customer support is one of, if not your biggest sales weapon as you grow. Just ask Bezos. I've emailed Travis a few times (me being lazy and not checking things, sorry) and I've always received a very fast and courteous response. Very rare online with regards software sellers, and this reputation alone will raise Travis above the guru-noise. Keep up the good work!

    I look forward to learning from the dedicated Amazon experts and helping where I can, time permitting.

    All the best!
  • Hello, I'm Raymond from California. I sold my first used CD on Amazon in 2002. I sold my first imported products (coffee mugs and iPod nano 1G silicone cases) on Amazon in 2006. I started selling in earnest in 2010, and started FBA in 2011. I cut my FBA teeth selling Rockstar Energy Gum, selling more than 500 cases of Rockstar Energy Gum on the Amazon Marketplace until it was discontinued in 2012. I bought the last pallet I have sold retail arbitrage, new and used and books and media, food and grocery, wholesale and closeouts -- basically, I have done it all except Kindle books, although I have studied that, too. Using these methods, I have consistently grown my sales, and was named top holiday seller in 2012, thanks to my wife going gangbusters with retail arbitrage toys. I think I can consider myself an experienced Amazon seller, which forms a solid foundation for this, since now I am trying out the private label method.

    My greatest fear is the suspension notice. Reading horror stories makes my stomach turn, but I rely on providence so I just ignore those tales and keep plugging along.

    I stumbled on AMZtracker in my private label research, and here I am! Thanks for inviting me to your forum.
  • Hi Guys,
    I'm Andrei from Montreal.
    Selling our own brand on Amazon in Sport and outdoors, Launched the product 3 months ago, everything is well. Have some good experience in Amazon SEO and marketing.
    Looking for some interesting information. :)

  • Hi AMZ community!
    I'm Alex from Sydney. I've been selling on Amazon for about 4 months. I'm in cell phone accessories niche.
    My 2 biggest problems are: very low conversion rate( about 6%) and low BSR.
    Looking for help. Hope I can get it here.

    I look forward to learning from the Amazon experts here.

    All the best
  • ErikErik admin
    edited September 2019
    Hey everyone, This is great that we have such an open and active community of amazon sellers here in this new community!

    I love how people are sharing their backgrounds and a bit about their businesses in here.

    As for myself, I have been working with Smash Digital and AMZ Tracker for over a year now. I have been there from the first idea Travis had about AMZ tracker and have helped build it to what it is today. I have also managed our personal portfolio of products on Amazon. I wear MANY hats in the business and that includes Community Manager and Customer Service Manager for AMZ tracker.

    I would love to hear from EVERYONE here, hear about their business challenges and how we at AMZ tracker can help. Also the latest and greatest news and tips for Amazon selling. Reach out to me with ideas, opportunities, or anything else.

    You can contact me at ANY time here in the community or privately at [email protected]

    ALSO: Add a picture and finish filling out your profiles here! It helps us all remember each other and feel more like a community.
  • Hello fellow Amazon sellers! I've been selling my own skin care products on Amazon for about 4months now... I also have my on shop and was concentrating on that first, just listed the products on Amazon as a second thought.

    No surprises that it now outsells the shop... and I've seen the light! Decided to switch focus for now, optimize my Amazon listings as much as possible to increase sales volume and pour the profits back into the business and grow my brand.

    AMZ is a great solution, it's great to be here!
  • Hi! I'm Mike - I live in the UK and I am right at the very start of the Amazon FBA Sales opportunity. I come from an arbitrage background and I have found that my skills seem to have transferred really well into the product sourcing section of the process required.

    I have not had much to do with things like SEO & optimisation but I am hoping that AMZ Tracker will help me through this process and reward the initial hard work that has been carried out. I would love for this to become my full time occupation - I have finally realised that doing this in an employed role is never going to get me wealthy and I have 10 years under my belt doing the early stage things already.

    I am looking for any advice that anyone can give, I am more than happy to reciprocate the offer if the more mundane tasks dont float your boat! As I said, my career to this stage has centred around mathematical calculations, manufacturer negotiation and shipping - look forward to being involved with you all!
  • Hi All

    Tony - I've been on Amazon for 11 months - been banned 3 times so i understand how to get back on track...Glad to learn and give back in return.

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