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Super URL Question

I recently listed my product on Amazon and noticed that I started ranking for a three keywords. The highest is ranked at 21 and the other two are at 108 and 114.

When using the Super URL, should I focus on all three, a couple or on the highest one?


  • Also, is it the clicks that get you ranking? I'm assuming the sales help boost that as well.
  • I usually use the Super URL tool for 3-5 important keywords I want to target, but for your case I would concentrate on the keyword for which your listing is already ranking #21.
    It should be easier to rank in the top 10, and when you're making more natural sales from that, you can invest more into sending traffic to the others to improve the rankings for the other terms.

    I assume that all of that helps your listings.

    My take on that is that clicks show the AMZ search engine that your listing is relevant, since it looks like they search for a keyword and click on your listing.
    Therefore both are goods, but I would assume conversions with the Super URL are even better.
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    Yeah like @Luke said.
    I definitely recommend starting with your KW that is ranking #21. Once you get that one ranking, the others will be easier.

    As for the Super URL tool, just getting some clicks alone will help some, but the real power comes when there are conversions after clicking the Super URL. Also, never send fake traffic (bots) through the super URL in a bid to game the system. It'll only result in a crappy conversion rates which could have a negative effect eventually.

    My favorite use of the Super URL is in PPC (for Google, not Amazon PPC called Amazon Sponsored Products)
  • Thanks Luke and @Travis_Jamison! I'm including it in a press release and PPC for now. I'm new to PPC so I've been targeting long-tail keywords with more commercial intent. It's helped to minimize random clicks, but I need to work on copy that will convert.
  • @keneke I recommend to always start with buying keywords first, then spread out to shorter tails. Start with the keywords that are most perfectly related to your product. You will get a much better conversion rate starting off.
  • how do you rank with keywords on Amazon? I am a newbie. I have no idea.
  • @BrigittaBeer A good place to start is with optimizing the title, description, images etc of your products. The On Page Analyzer in AMZ Tracker makes this bit easy.
  • Hi Travis
    When I try using Super URL, I choose 3 keywords and then create a super URL, but when I click on URL and open Amazon page, It's showing only one of the words I selected
    What I'm doing wrong?
  • NTP - you need to combine all 3 keywords into one

    if you have fast, rapid, charger as three separate keywords. you should have "fast rapid charger" as one keyword and use that for the Super URL

    ive been playing with it this morning

    is there anyone at AMZ tracker corporate who can call me and walk me through this? we have a LOT of inventory and original listings on amazon we want to rank
  • Hey @NaturalTonusPower I believe that you just didn't "select" your keywords. You can read all about the Amazon Super URL tool here:

    But... for quick reference here is a GIF on how to activate them.
    Amazon Super URL

    Also @koaj23 that guide post will give you everything you need as well :smiley:

  • How are you guys tracking which of your PPC keywords are converting? Also, I'm assuming you are using Google PPC or do you find that Bing/Yahoo converts better? Curious? I'm more of an SEO person but want to test it. The tracking of conversions baffles me on Amazon.
  • @learntoearn We're not tracking unfortunately. It's just winging it, but for many products (like mine) the ROI is quite obvious. Plus unlike driving PPC to a normal site, you get both the targeted traffic AND the Amazon SEO boost. Double bonus.

    I use both Google & Yah/Bing. I've always loved Bing PPC personally. Generally an older crowd, and less tech savvy though.
  • Thank you, Travis! Can you tell me how do you set your Google PPC up to your Amazon page without getting any penalties? I read that one way is against Google TOS and the other is against Amazon TOS. I'd love to utilize this. Can you do Google PPC directly to your Amazon page?
  • @learntoearn As far as I know you are definitely allowed to send Google PPC traffic to Amazon pages. They don't have a problem with it, even with us using our Super URLs. My account has been reviewed time and time again.
  • I just called them because I was reading so much conflicting info and they said it is fine. Actually, she first said it wasn't okay and then double checked and said it was okay.
  • addecusaddecus
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    @Travis_Jamison Do you recommend creating a second MSKU under the same ASIN to protect your FBA inventory in the event one of your promo codes happens to go "viral?"
  • Perfect! I didn't know that was possible. Must be a new promo feature???

    Thank you, Travis!
  • On this topic. My amazon listing has one of my keywords at the end of the url. Whereas I notice that other listings have them after the .com/ Where am I going wrong.
  • The keywords at the end of the URL are called the "super url". The ones after the .com/ have nothing to do with that, those are just descriptive words grabbed from the title tag. Nothing to worry about here.
  • Hello been trying for a while to create Google PPC ads for my super URL , but my ads are being rejected by Ad-words stating Inaccurate display URL. What is the proper way of running ads for the Super URL.?
  • @amzfashion
    Adwords changed some of their platform with redirect links, so the super URLs unfortunately might not be an option there anymore. They still work just fine with Bing though
  • my 5 cents.

    I use or as Erik suggested Google keyword search volume to determine the more effective keyword...

    If I am at 200 on kW#1 and it is e.g. 10,000 searches per month, but I am at position 50 on a kw#2 which is at 8,000 searches per month - I will first concentrate to get kw#2 to page 1 and see the results and then work on the more widely used keywords... there is a lot to juggle, but logic prevails. Good luck.
  • @Travis_Jamison: Two questions related this subject....

    1) Is it worth the money and is the conversion any good for when you create Google Adwords PPC campaigns (text version) to an Amazon listing?

    2) Is there any way to create Google PLA campaign (product listing ads) to show your listings on Google Shopping network? I am proficient with Magento sites and it goes get sales and traffic, not as good as Amazon, but still a nice addition, but I would much rather create a PLA campaign to send directly to Amazon - the conversion is much higher there than on my own sites, despite reviews, transparent pricing and shipping etc.

    I know when Amazon had their now shut down Amazon Webstore, this was the closest to what I actually want... but this was not it...

    I would love to find a way to send Google Shopping traffic to Amazon listings.


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