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New Pricing for AMZ Tracker? Any more details?

Is there any more information on the price increase of AMZ Tracker? I'm a huge fan of this software, use it constantly, and have a couple business partners that need to start using it very soon and one that needs to upgrade.

Can you give us some general ideas of when the price increase will happen and what the increase will be? 10% 25% 100%?

I'd like to know how to handle it ourselves, as well as for our partners.

Corey Creed

PS: Feel free to just email me directly, if you prefer. But I'd really like to hear from someone.


  • SammySammy ✭✭
    Interested too..
  • Sorry for the lack of details!

    First off to be clear, whatever plan you have now will NOT change. You're "grandfathered in", and we will not change any features or pricing availability. That wouldn't be cool.

    New pricing: The new pricing will limit the amount of Review Club access for the $50/m plan, but still provide unlimited access for the $100/m plan.

    That's about it, maybe some other small details, but this is the main change.
  • Hi Travis, How about me. I have a $29 dollar account for several months now and I am interested in the review club and extending my account. Is it possible to upgrade now (so before the upcoming new pricing) and lock myself in the unlimited review club? I hope this is possible.
    Thx. Wim
  • ErikErik admin
    @flow Yes if you upgrade before the price change then you will be locked in to the $50 for unlimited reviews.
  • Yep, if you upgrade now you can get locked in with unlimited reviews at the $50/m price
  • Thanks guys. I just upgraded and will start using the review club. Can't wait. Is it already available for the UK as well?
  • I would say, start my $100/mo plan after my first 3 days free trial B) . It's awsome, dude.
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