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S-URL Question

I have a question regarding the S-URL tool.

Are there any benefits on using the direct amztracker link over the Amazon URL link that the S-URL tool creates?

There are places where I want to use the link where I'm not sure if people will get put off by not seeing the direct Amazon link.

Can someone please clarify.

Thank you


  • The AMZ Tracker Super URL is superior in a few ways.

    1) It updates the current time stamp. If you use the standard Amazon super url it will never change. It's not going to show new updated searches.

    2) It allows you to target multiple keywords at once. The AMZ Tracker super url rotates through your selected keywords, so you can drop your link one time and know that you're optimizing for all the keywords you want (and you can edit your targeted keywords at any time).

    3) The AMZ Tracker URL also updates your current rankings, which an old static URL will not.

    All in all, it's superior :smile:
  • Thank you for your reply Travis. That makes sense.
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