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Reviews for Social Scout - User feedback for

Social Scout
This post is to provide AMZ Tracker Community members insight into other products and services and to get your feedback.
We are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse these products.

Product Overview:

Social Scout is a basic-looking tool that lets users create trackable social media content to increase social marketing for their products. The tool lets users publish their products direct to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest from within the app. Sellers can track the engagement to see which ads have are most effective. Social Scout even claims to create tailored content for their amazon specific ads. The app wants to make it easier for sellers to get visibility outside Amazon, by managing the social aspect.

Users create a free account and can start generating links for their products instantly. The tools looks to be new and FAQs and other support info are tough to come by on the site.

Social Media:


[email protected]




Share your experience.

Has anyone used Social Scout to share their products via social media? If so, did you find a hack to use your Super URLs generated in AMZ Tracker with Social Scout?


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