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Feedback for - User Reviews

This post is to provide AMZ Tracker Community members insight into other products and services and to get your feedback.
We are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse these products.

Product Overview:

Terapeak provides information on all the best sellers on Amazon (and eBay). Anyone looking to start selling a new product can use Terapeak to see what is selling, and what isn't, including the buy box data to see which prices are selling most units. Information on different trends can help sellers plan ahead and data on industry competitors help sellers have an edge. The website claims to be the go-to resource for data on ebay and Amazon marketplaces with features in Time, WSJ and Forbes.

Terapeak has three offices across North America in California, Victoria, BC & Ontario. Brief overview about Terapeak can be seen in this video here:

Social Media:



Free 7 day trial

Three different pricing plans:
My Sales - Free
Personal - $7.49/mo. billed annually
Professional - $14.99/mo. billed annually
Terapeak Pricing Plans


Tell us your experience.

Have you used for market research? Anyone compared Terapeak vs. Vendio?


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