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Hi people... just joined the community :) Does anyone know...

Whether you have to mention the full keyword phrases exactly even though it may repeat words? For instance, if these where keywords...

1. Red toy car
2. Toy red car

Do I need to mention both exactly or will just getting the 3 words in, regardless of order matter?




  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited June 2015
    In my experience having the exact phrase is optimal - although just having the words in the title still helps a lot. I doubt you could fit both of those phrases in your title without it looking spammy.

    I try to include as many as possible variations in the bullets and description - and it 100% helps.
    I have one particular phrase only in my description for 2 products and they both rank very highly for it - as no other competitor has that exact KW phrase in that order, even though they have all the words in their listing.

    I think the common wisdom taught in amazon courses to never repeat a keywords is rubbish and the same with descriptions not counting for seo...
  • Cheers Sammy - appreciate your thoughts :)

    I was sort of thinking that as long as the first few words in the title resonate with the customer... then putting a list of key words in the title (whilst looking spammy) would get better results than fewer keywords and not looking spammy.... if I somehow split test this... I'll let you know what the results are....

    Thanks again
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