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Reviews for - Review the Amazon Feedback Management Tool

AMZTrackerAMZTracker admin
edited September 2015 in Amazon Seller Tools & Software
This post is to provide AMZ Tracker Community members insight into other products and services and to get your feedback.
We are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse these products (Feedback Five).

Product Overview:

FeedbackFive is a feedback management tool from eComEngine LLC, which offers a few different tools for amazon sellers. Automation is the goal here, and FeedbackFive gives sellers the opportunity to automatically email customers requesting feedback for their recent purchases. Sellers can choose how often, and at what time after purchase they want to follow up with customers. Since the app is all about reputation it boasts a solid feedback score monitoring, and lets sellers track trends and identify problem skus.

Social Media:



[email protected]


Free 14-day trial

5 different pricing plans:
  • Basic - $9.99/mo
  • Standard - $19.99/mo
  • Pro - $29.99/mo
  • Premium - $49.99/mo
  • Ultra - $99.99/mo
FeedbackFive Pricing Plans:

FeedbackFive Plans


Share your experience. Have you used a FeedbackFive for review monitoring?

We recently asked for reviews on Feedbackz, has anyone compared FeedbackFive vs. Feedbackz? Or Feedback Five vs Feedback Genius?


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