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Keyword Rank


I entered keywords for one of the products in the tool. The keyword rank for all turned out to be 300. What does it mean? How should I interpret this data?


  • It means you need to find where your competitors rank on those keywords then find the ones that you would think would be the easiest to rank up for. Do giveaways on those keywords so at least you're starting to get some traffic. Then once you've established a little bit of momentum start targeting the higher traffic keywords.
  • Hi @Rvgtr2.. Thanks for ur help.. However I have some follow up qs..
    1. How do I find competitors rank on those keywords?
    2. How do I find higher traffic keywords?
  • @nbagri Add their product in the ranking section. Then add those keywords to their product. Use Cost money but is really eye opening. Much better than Google Keyword tool.
  • Thanks @Rvgtr2
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