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Can Running Amazon Ads Hurt Your Ranking?

I started running ads for some products and all of the sudden I saw my rankings drop and they haven't came back. Can it be due to bad ads?

I was thinking with decreasing Unit Per Sessions (because more people are viewing my products because of the ads but they aren't buying it)could hurt my rankings.

Thank you


  • Man I have a really hard time thinking that that the ads could hurt the rankings. I guess anythings possible, but I have to doubt it.

    Roughly what positions were you at and where are you now?
  • I was in 200's and went beyond 300. Also my visibility (sessions) dropped and it started after I started the ad.

    Thanks for your reply by the way the the fact you doubt it motivates me look at other places.
  • If your conversion rate is terrible on the ads I could see it hurting rankings a little, but I'm guessing you have multiple things effecting it. The same idea is true if you have a great conversion rates on your ads your ranking can be positively effected from my experience.

    I have noticed that if I run PPC on items that don't have at least a handful of decent reviews that the conversion rates have been pretty terrible compared to running ads on products that have a solid amount of reviews on them.
  • If it's only going from 200 to 300+ then it's not really relevant. Rankings that are that high can bounce in and out all the time. If you went from #10 to 300+ then it would be a problem. Keep getting sales and reviews and it will pop up in no time.

    One question: When you search for your product by name does it show? If no then your listing is pulled from the search rankings for doing something wrong. If it shows up then you'll be fine.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    "I was in 200's and went beyond 300. Also my visibility (sessions) dropped and it started after I started the ad.
    I wouldn't even blink at this - Amazon rankings bounce around a lot anyway, and take time to adjust. It's hard to pinpoint one factor anyway, but if it's 15 pages into the results it's not even relevant.
    I'd wager chances of Amazon PPC directly negatively effecting organic rankings as close to 0%.
  • Hi

    Sorry about the delay in responding to you. Yes the product does show and we are getting daily sales HOWEVER The USP (Unit Session Percentage) decreases dramatically when I run ads because naturally I get more sessions but less conversion so I was wondering if that was a negative thing. My employer believes it maybe so I am doing some research to see others' feedback on this.

    Thanks in advance
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