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Seller Central is down?

Anyone else experiencing this? I can't get into Seller Central or the forums.... while I hope it's a technical difficulty that will be resolved asap, you know I can't help thinking it's just me and something has gone drastically wrong :smile:


  • I'll help calm your nerves and let you know it's not just you. Seems to be widespread.
  • Ha! Thank you @Rvgtr2... that did calm me down ;)
  • still down now for me
  • Seller Central is Temporarily Unavailable
    We apologize for the inconvenience. Our technical staff is working on a solution. For urgent issues, contact Seller Support (toll-free): US (877) 251-2571; Canada (877) 251-5499.
  • still down for me anyone get in yet?
  • Not yet :( On the one day I have a Merchant Fulfilled order that needs to be shipped. *sigh
  • I'm Amazon. I am perfect. Wait, I goofed. Oh, who cares. There's no Seller Performance Team blowing smoke up my bungalow, placing reserves on my cash due to me, or creating an environment that will destroy my business and leave my family hungry. I guess it's ok then. Victory beer!
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