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One Star Negative Review

edited October 2015 in General
Just got this one from a customer: "This crap burns like crazy. Throwing it in the trash." I've read some of his other reviews and the dude has a very bad attitude. I don't think its a legit review as I've sold hundreds of units and never had one person complain about it burning. Not only that but he left the review 2 days after his order so I don't think he could have even received the product at that point. Is there anything I can do? Maybe call Seller Central and find out when the guy ordered to see if he could have even received the product?


  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited June 2015
    I doubt you'll get it removed. Be more careful with review history when approving reviewers.
    Honestly It's probably best to just wait a couple of days and reply in a calm and diplomatic response.

    Buyers scan for negative reviews and read your responses to these reviews more than anything in my experience.
    A great, proactive response from a seller that cares about his brand and customers outweighs any damage caused by a ridiculous review. Buyers can tell when a review is moronic, if you take the high road here then they respect that - dont get emotional and dragged down to his level.

    Treat him like you would your best customer - offer a refund, tell him your sorry the product didn't work for him, offer the refund again, ask him if there's any other way you can make it right.
    IF it's obviously fake, and isn't verified - then make that the point - you'd love to refund them but can't locate the order number anywhere.

    Again a careful and respectful reply, even to a dick is the best long term approach here. I've dealt with these sort of people for 2 years in e-commerce, and taking the high road, even when it's hard is the best option.
    Even better - hire someone as soon as you can - getting this off your plate and clearing up the headspace will be the best investment you can make.
    Dealing with stuff like this will ruin your morning like nothing else ;)
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