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Changing the Title of my Amazon Listing and How This Affects My AMZ Data

Hello everyone!

I'm new to the forum, so please forgive me if this topic has already been brought up. (I did scan over topics but didn't see it.)

Simple question: I just made some rather significant changes to the title of my listing on Amazon. Does AMZ Tracker automatically handle that, or is there something I need to do?

Follow up: Will AMZ Tracker eventually catch the change (on its own) and make the change in my AMZ account?

(Don't you just love new guys? ... Some day, I'll be an experienced AMZ user and will return the favor to others.)



  • Haha :)

    Hey @EdC there isn't really a need to change it in AMZ Tracker unless you are using the Listing Optimization Tool. In that case, just hit refresh and it will re-analyze everything.

  • Thanks, Travis.

    I appreciate what you are saying. But it would help me if I could change the title in AMZ Tracker to the current actual title, for each product. This will help me because I have a lot of products (and will have more) including variations (child products) and will be testing different titles.

    I did re-run the On Page Analyzer and that changed the title but, so far, only on the page for the analyzer tool. If I go back to any other page, it shows the old (incorrect) title.

    Are you sure there is no way to get it to update to the correct product listing title?

  • Sorry Mate,
    It's just not available right now. We haven't really had any requests for it so we didn't code it in (yet)
  • Okay.

    Well, it would be helpful for anyone with variations (child) products, because you sometimes want to test different titles. Sure, of course you can identify it by the ASIN, etc. But in AMZ Tracker, the product title is the largest and easiest thing to see.

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