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Best selling practice for already existing products. SEO, listing, keywords, pictures + anything els

Hi Guys,

I have only just joined, i signed up to AMZ tracker SEO crash course.

I have some questions, i hope you can help me.

Most of the products i will be selling are already listed in Amazon catalogs. ( Maybe several sellers selling, with several catalogs).
The products are branded, as such work of the UPC/EAN codes etc. So even when you try and upload a new listing - Amazon automatically list within another catalog, and when they do, it may not even me the higher ranking catalog.

I have found a way of still creating a listing on one or 2 of the products.... but what i would like to know is -

1. Is it really a good idea to be making your own catalog on such competitive product, even if i do find a way around it.
2. If i use one of the existing catalogs then how is it possible to use the info in the Amazon SEO crash course and help sell more.

Please do add any other relevant info you think is appropriate, i may not even have thought of the question you have an answer to.

Thank you in advance



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