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Shipping to FBA

Does anyone know how/if it's possible to send shipments directy from a Chinese supplier to FBA-centers?
Amazon parntered shipping can only be used for shipments within the US.
They say you can use couriers that make a delivery appointment with FBA if you want to ship directly.
However, none of the couriers I contacted is familiar with that.
Since I'm not located in the United States I can't send the shipments to myself first so I have to use a middleman in the US who
recieves them and forwards to the FBA-centers.

Is there anyone else who has to deal with this and how do you solve this?



  • @jma Your supplier should be able to ship directly to FBA. You just need to know which warehouse(s) your inventory is going to so that you can create the shipping labels for them in Amazon Seller Central. My Chinese supplier uses DHL. Shipping to multiple locations will add to the overall cost so be aware.

    I've heard some people mention a strategy of shipping to one FBA warehouse, which can save on cost. I guess there's a way to do that in Amazon Seller Central, but I'm not familiar with how to do it.
  • @keneke Thank you Keneke. So are there any action on your part except sending the shipping labels to our supplier? From there, does DHL make the delivery appointment with FBA automatically?
  • @jma Amazon FBA will accept shipments from any carrier (no delivery appointment needed). You will indicate your carrier when you initiate your shipping plan. So, where it's being shipped from, # of boxes, # of units in each box, weight, etc. -- all the information provided by your supplier. Once you okay the information, FBA will determine how or if to break up the shipment and which warehouses it will go to. This information you will have to get to your supplier so that they can quote you shipping costs to each location. It'll add to the cost, just to let you know. I had my supplier ship to my office, then I created a shipping plan from my office to FBA using UPS. It was really cheap and I'm sure saved me a lot of money. But I know you are not in the U.S.

    Additionally, there is a service called FBA Inspection ( that you can ship your entire inventory to and they can inspect everything, label with FNSKU stickers and ship to Amazon's FBA warehouses on your behalf. Obviously, there is are additional costs to be aware of, but worth checking out in my opinion. I haven't used their services yet, but will as I ramp up my orders.

    I'm sure the others in this group will be able to chime in.
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