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Review Club Using Experience

There are some problem I found out while using the review club.

Hope could help with the next release version.

  • I don't know how the reviewer's rating come from, and there are no feedback function that sellers can rate the reviewers.
  • There are no place to found out which reviewers we have sent the promo code to.
  • The sellers cannot send internal message to the reviewer.

PS.For my own experience, I got the reviews about 20% out of the promo code used by the reviewers(The product were ordered on 18Jun, and all received by the reviewers).


  • Hey Joey,
    Thanks for sharing here. I'll give you a breakdown of everything.

    1) The reviewers ratings are coming from the average review they have left before. Click the button to see their profile and you will be able to see for yourself all their past reviews.

    2) This is true.

    3) This is true again. We thought about this a lot about which would be best, and in the end we thought it would cause all sorts of problems for everyone if it was decentralized. Might change this in the future some time though.

    As for your review percentage, it hasn't been long enough. Give them a couple of more weeks and your review percentage will go WAY up.

    It used to be about an 80-85% success rate, but it has dropped to about a 70% rate since then. Due to this, we are implementing changes as we speak that will be seriously improving the review rate back to its previous glory days, and make it better than it's ever been.
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