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Product Overview:

Listtee is a tool that automates the process of listing and replenishing inventory on Amazon. It hooks up to the U.S. and U.K. marketplace and allows sellers to submit bulk uploads with preset conditions and or they can customize them across different categories.

One-off label printing is available, and for the higher price plans the ScoutRabbit smartphone app is included. For those on the enterprise plans, multiple users can scan and list simultaneously.

Listee is based out of Brooklyn, and similar to AMZ Tracker was created to solve a pain point. The founder and CEO, Ratesh, is an avid amazon seller and created Listtee as a means to simplify his selling process. He offers his personal contact info on the site: [email protected]

Here's a look inside the tool - How to Add Items to Existing Shipment:

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  • Listtee Lite
  • Listtee Pro
  • Enterprise Lite
  • Enterprise Pro Elite Pricing


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