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How long does it take for reviewers to give review?

I gave out 20 coupon code and all have been used by your reviewers but got no review on my product page. Am confused.

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  • I am a reviewer so let me give you some insight. I am of course not the same as everyone, but i can give you an Idea as to why I personally can take up to a week. I have schooling, i have side jobs I am working, live on a small farm. We have lots of chickens and a lot of land to maintain. I still have social events, family events, shopping, daily house chores. Everything adds up and I can only review 1 or 2 products at a time.

    I personally like to ACTUALLY test the product I am reviewing. I know many people review it right out of the box, but I like to make sure that I can get a real opinion in. That takes time. I also make sure to type at least a few paragraphs and have at least 3 pictures per review. I have to st the product up, take pictures, put them on my computer, sit down and write a review. Then I have to wait for amazon to approve the review which can take minutes or hours. Doing reviews on 5,6,7,10 products at a time can take up a whole afternoon and evening. I always try to contact the sellers to make sure they know I will take a bit. Anyways, I hope this helped you a bit.
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