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Long SEO Product Titles for DVDs?

Our company sells DVDs and Blu-rays on Amazon. Generally, we use the movie name as the product title. These are titles that are distributed specifically by our company, thus I feel like it is different from the "iphone case" example where there are thousands of people all trying to sell the same case.

In this scenario, should we still try to add SEO keywords other than the movie title to the product name?

If so, how would you suggest formatting it? "Movie Title | keyword keyword keyword"?

Do you think this practice might injure the brand by looking less official?

Thanks in advance for your input!


  • no expert but I would think you'd also want to include keywords related to the topic of the DVD.

    Unless you feel every customer who will ever buy the DVD will only search/find the DVD by using it's exact name.

    Probably depends on the topic of the DVDS though.
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