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Solid Commerce Reviews - User feedback for seller tool
This post is to provide AMZ Tracker Community members insight into other products and services and to get your feedback.
We are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse these products.

Product Overview:

SolidCommerce is a martketplace management tool that advertises a full line of features. The inventory management tool keeps track of inventory history across multiple warehouses, and also allows sellers to print barcodes and manage kitting and bundling. With bulk listing, sellers can upload thousands of skus at once, directly from an excel sheet. SolidCommerce is another option for sellers who who want dynamic repricing to help them snag the buy the box without manually stalking the prices of their competitors. The order management software includes multiple marketplaces, and isn't just for Amazon only. Sellers get a snapshots of their order statuses across all marketplaces and can use this feature to manage returns. Vendor management and shipping software round out the suite of tools.

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Tell us your experience.

Have you used SolidCommerce and have any insights that can benefit other community members? Has anyone compared the repricing software to Teikametrics?


  • We have used SolidCommerce for a while and it looked really promising at the beginning. After a while, we have unfortunately encountered issues related to bulk uploads (with parent/child structures) as well as their customer service became very bad so we have decided to no longer use them. In fact, we spoke to several managers of SC when we decided to no longer work with them and they promised us (4months ago) to solve all the problems, but until today we haven't heard back from them. I think that speaks for itself.
    I can see where the company has potential but with the technical issues and the customer service problems, it don't think they are worth a try.
  • constantineconstantine ✭✭
    edited July 2015
    @Sweden12 , who do you recommend?
  • We have been using SureDone recently which we had our problems with as well (in the past), but they have done some major improvements and for what we need them it works ok.
  • Solid Commerce has done a great job at keeping us happy. We have had our fair share of issues with other companies and Solid Commerce completely meets the needs of our business. We are currently selling on Amazon and Ebay, however we recently introduced some handmade items to our inventory. Our team has begun the training for etsy with Solid Commerce. Etsy is new to Solid commerce however the they have streamlined the process so well and our account manager has been excellent at getting our team trained. They have also recently launched webinars and we have has the ability to train new hires via the webinars for no additional charge, while other companies are charging for any additional training sessions that occur. Overall I am pleased with the level of service that i am receiving with the company.
  • :) Solid Commerce Shipping Tool is hands down an excellent feature that this company has to offer. The customer support had a moment of hiccups, however the new process that they have in place has allowed my service request to be answered quickly and efficiently. This past week the company experienced some ebay listing issues. I emailed the company letting them know the error message that i received and they were already on top of the issue working to get it resolved at around 6am. Not sure if they are 24hours however not many companies that I currently use are open at that time of morning. Feeling confident in my choice to go with Solid Commerce and not sellbrite.
  • I am currently using the Solid Commerce bulk listing feature. I am new to Solid Commerce and have been able to successfully create listings in a very short period of time. In the past before using and inventory management company it would take quite some time to create listings and have them active on Ebay or Amazon. Solid Commerce makes the listing process very easy with the bulk listing feature via excel. We initially thought that it would take awhile before we were able to fully use Solid Commerce. Within 2 weeks of signing up we were fully functional on Ebay and nearly done with Sears and Rakuten. Now pondering if we should venture into the Amazon world. Any thoughts on Amazon marketplace?
  • We currently have 2 major vendors that we use. Does anyone know how Solid Commerce works with allowing us to use our vendors on their platform? Or do anyone have experience with this option? Currently exploring options?
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