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Hi There!

Issue #1> On the Seller side I posted a photo which isn't showing anything close to accurate. Just the lid. I de-listed and relisted it to no avail.

Issue #2> Rank is off by 10,000 now two days in a row not reflecting anything close to Amazon's so, of course, then I'm concerned that the KWs are inaccurate as well.

Please advise how to fix the photo so it shows well.
How or when to expect an accurate reflection of rank (as shown in Amazon and is logical for number of products sold).

Thank You Very Much,



  • Hey Annette,
    Not quite sure what the issue is with the sales rank. Are there multiple child products?

    Our software looks EXACTLY on Amazon, so it's only returning the info that is actually there, and cannot get it from anywhere else.

  • Hi Travis:

    I think it's amazing software and you've an amazing community but maybe there's an issue with my account?

    Yesterday AMZ showed a rank of 19,000.
    Amazon had a rank of 6,909 and later in the day 6,107

    The photo of my product shows only the lid.

    And, a competitor whose ASIN I added shows zero sales for a week and no change in rank.

    I'm happy to give you access to the Seller side of this account ;) You own it so you have it anyway LOL.

    THANK YOU, TRAVIS! I do think it's awesome but my background was in tech although sales, not building software. I know it can work beautifully ;)


  • I think I figured out why my competitors' sales and rank aren't showing. Apparently, if you have over 1000 in inventory then sales and rank aren't shown.

    Is that correct?
  • Ohhh. You are talking about Sales TRACKING, not Sales Rank :)
    Sales Rank, which is also called "Best Seller Rank" or "BSR" is a different method.

    And yes, if you have over 1000 in inventory it's not possible to track in unfortunately.
  • Thank you!
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