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Super URLs for categories

its me again and I can't stop asking questions. I'm wondering if there is something similar to super URLs but not for keywords but the amazon categories. There are products I'd like to optimize within a category. So I did a search within this category to find this book, and had a look at the parameters.

So here is an example:

This book is ranked quite good in one kindle books category. The canonical URL for this product is "". So the parameters we see must represent in some way my navigation to find the product.

&sr=1-16: this looks like the search result page (the book is ranked 16.)
&ie=UTF8: quite easy, its the encoding
&s=digital-text: maybe a category item? digital text could represent "kindle books"?
&qid=1436770520: seems to be a "query id", maybe to resolve for what I was navigation to

So far I can't figure out if there is a way to optimize URLs for amazon categories. Maybe somebody already has been here and would like to share his or hers ideas on the issue?


  • Hey @mischa in general I don't bother with the individual categories. Targeting the "all categories" will give you the most traffic, and that will also boost up your actual individual category rankings at the same time.
  • I'm not so sure if this is also true for eBooks/Kindle. For many authors this seems a very good way to get traffic on a product, if you rank well in your genre. Also it seems a lot of audience in books is really using the navigation, and not only the search box. Which would be quite unique, because the search box definetly is the way most users navigate. So if there is a way to push the rankings in a genre, that would be awesome.
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