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Would Anyone Be Interested in a Dashboard Manager?

Hello AMZtracker Community,

I didn't see an area for services on this forum, but I figured this would be a great place to ask / offer my services.

Who I am:
An entrepreneur / internet marketer, and just over a year ago entered the Amazon Marketing world. I have to say to this point, it's been a really great experience and a very lucrative business opportunity for both startups and existing businesses

What I've done:
I have a product line doing $10k per month in revenue in just less than 1 year of existence and very limited budget

What I'm offering you:
I'm offering to manage your dashboard, respond to customer service emails, re-order inventory for you, stay in contact with suppliers, assist you with marketing, and take over any daily operations you see fit

What's the benefit?
1) You get to work with someone who's already had experience & success on Amazon as a seller
2) You get to work with someone reliable & needs minimal Amazon seller dashboard training
3) You can save time by letting go of your day-to-day Amazon work tasks and receive ongoing consultation for your business

What's the cost?
Depends on the workload. This will likely be a Monthly Rate Service.

Why am I doing this?
My business is growing and much of the profits go back into the business. I would like to make Amazon a full-time job as soon as humanly possible. So that's why I am offering this service

How to get started?
Contact me on SKYPE: jpek00
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